[Explanation] On May 22, due to the sudden change of weather in some areas during the race, a race called "Yellow River Stone Forest Mountain Marathon 100-kilometer Cross-Country Race" has killed 21 participants.

  What is mountain marathon trail running?

Yan Yi, deputy editor-in-chief of "Runner World" magazine, explained his doubts in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

In his view, marathon, mountain marathon and trail running are different types of competitions and should not be confused.

  [Concurrent] Yan Yi, deputy editor-in-chief of "Runner World" magazine

  In fact, a mountain marathon is different from a cross-country race. It is not the same thing.

The International Trail Running Association stipulates that more than 70% of the road conditions in trail running (in the race course) are called "non-paved roads".

  [Explanation] The cross-country race requires a high degree of "non-paved road" in the race course. In Yan Yi's view, this is the most "wild" part of the cross-country race.

This "wild" feature also directly leads to the extremely high difficulty of rescue in cross-country races.

  [Concurrent] Yan Yi, deputy editor-in-chief of "Runner World" magazine

  (Cross-country races) are held in places a little farther away from the city, that is, in those big mountains, in those places with better scenery. In this case, its rescue difficulty is very high, so it needs to have a very Strict (event) management and control system.

  [Explanation] As for some voices that not all scenic spots should be cross-country venues, Yan Yi has a different view on this.

  [Concurrent] Yan Yi, deputy editor-in-chief of "Runner World" magazine

  Its trail running is actually an all-encompassing (event), and its definition is also "a run on a non-paved road."

The popularity of this sport is very strong, that is, no matter where you are, all scenic spots can find a good trail running (venue).

(In addition) We need some professional organizers or more experienced runners to explore.

  [Explanation] In addition to more rigorous deployment in running races, runners participating in mountain marathons and cross-country races also need to have more comprehensive abilities.

  [Concurrent] Yan Yi, deputy editor-in-chief of "Runner World" magazine

  Running a marathon is to test your running ability.

In the cross-country race, on the one hand, you have to have a strong running ability, and your outdoor survival experience or outdoor ability is very important.

Quite simply, if you go to the wild alone, do you have the ability to survive on your own?

  [Commentary] Yan Yi also called on all parties in the event to respect nature and recognize themselves.

In the face of tragedy, the organizers and runners of the competition system are worthy of reflection.

  Reporter Xu Pengpeng and Xing Chong reporting from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]