Japan National Baseball Team coach Atsunori Inaba, who is aiming to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, visited DeNA and Shota Imanaga, who returned for the first time in nine months after surgery on his left shoulder. There was also a peculiar pitching. "

Manager Inaba visited the Yakult vs. DeNA match at Jingu Stadium on the night of the 23rd.

DeNA's pitcher Imanaga, who underwent a left shoulder cleaning operation last October, went up to the mound of the 1st army since August last year, but he did not run straight once and suddenly hit consecutive hits. I lost 3 points.

After that, he was hit by Munetaka Murakami in the 5th inning and became a losing pitcher with 7 hits and 6 runs in the middle of the 5th inning.

Pitcher Imanaga has been a regular member of the Japanese national team since Director Inaba took office four years ago, and played a part in the starting pitchers at the international tournament "Premier 12" held in November.

Director Inaba said, "I'm glad I saw it at this time when the deadline for selecting members was approaching. I'm still starting to throw, so there are challenges, but I think it can be said that the throwing is going well. There was a ball and a bad ball, but after the second time there was also a pitching that was unique to him. "

He also said, "I made a good pitch against foreign batters even at Premier12, and I value the strength of my feelings toward the Japanese national team. I want to keep an eye on the next pitch."

Pitcher Imanaga said, "The good and bad balls were clear. The sweet ball was hit and I couldn't stick to it even after I put out the runner. Next time, I want to be able to make a solid game as a starting pitcher." I was talking.