The sports tribunal CAS will consider André Onana's doping sentence on 2 June.

Ajax's Cameroonian goalkeeper was suspended for a year by UEFA in February, but he and the Amsterdam club hope for a milder sanction.

Onana was caught on the banned substance furosemide during an out-of-competition check in October 2020.

He claimed that he had taken it unknowingly because he wanted to take an aspirin and then accidentally took a pill that was meant for his wife.

It contained furosemide.

At the announcement of the one-year sentence on February 5, Ajax immediately announced that it would appeal to the CAS.

Ajax is assisted in the case against UEFA by lawyers Dolf Segaar and Javier Ferrero and in-house lawyer Ivo Trijbits.

So on June 2 there will be more clarity.

The chance does not seem great that Ajax will win the case.

Normally athletes who use furosemide are suspended for four years.

With a one-year sentence, UEFA already took extenuating circumstances into account, as was the story of Onana with his wife.


'Due to suspension Onana, Ajax threatens to miss out on millions'

Onana will probably leave Ajax this summer

It is likely that Onana will leave Ajax next summer.

Both parties are unable to reach an agreement on extending Onana's commitment until mid-2022.

Ajax therefore probably wants to sell him and with Remco Pasveer already got a new goalkeeper and Jay Gorter may also come.

Onana, who is not allowed to train at De Toekomst sports complex as a result of his suspension and is also not welcome in the stadiums, has been meritoriously replaced by Maarten Stekelenburg since February.

Ajax captured the national title and the KNVB cup, but stranded in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.

The 25-year-old Onana has been a fixture at Ajax since the 2016/2017 season.

He has played 204 official games so far.

Arsenal, among others, would be interested in taking him over from Ajax in the next transfer window and reportedly has an amount of 10 million euros in mind.

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