Shohei Ohtani and his teammate Mike Trout, one of the leading batters of the Major League Baseball, entered the list of injured people on the 18th with their right calf stretched.

It will take up to two months to return, which will be a big pain for the team.

The Angels' 29-year-old Trout is one of the sluggers who has won the American League's best player three times and is said to be the "best active player" in the Major League Baseball.

This season, he marked a batting average of 30%, 3 minutes and 3 minutes, and 8 home runs as the 3rd batter following Otani, who mainly participated in 2nd place.

However, he hurt his leg during the run against the Indians on the 17th and retired in one shot, and the Angels announced on the 18th that Trout will be on the injured list due to the calf tension of his right foot.

The team said it would take a month and a half to two months to return, which was a big blow to the team that was sluggish in fourth place in the western American League.