Nippon Professional Baseball and Softbank have announced that they will play all sponsored games, including the one-army game at the headquarters of Fukuoka City, without spectators during the state of emergency issued in Fukuoka Prefecture.

At PayPay Dome, the home of professional baseball and Softbank in Fukuoka City, at the request of Fukuoka Prefecture, the maximum number of spectators will be limited to 5,000 from May 7, and it will continue during the state of emergency declaration. did.

However, tickets that have already been sold are valid, and the number of spectators can exceed 5,000.

Softbank announced on the 18th that it will hold all sponsored games, including the one-armed game at the PayPay Dome, without spectators during the state of emergency scheduled until May 31st.

For this reason, the 1st Army will play a total of 5 games without spectators, including the Orix game on the 22nd and 23rd and the interleague game with the giants on the 28th to 30th.

The team explained, "For example, in the Giants game, tickets for about 15,000 people are sold. Under such circumstances, it is a judgment that there is no choice but to do it without spectators in order to suppress the flow of people."

According to the team, all tickets sold for unattended matches will be refunded.

Regarding the number of spectators in professional baseball, each baseball team has set an upper limit on the number of spectators or made it non-spectator according to the policies of the government and each local government, but the baseball team decided to make it non-spectator at its own discretion. It is unusual to do.

Also, on May 10th, Commissioner Atsushi Saito said, "No spectators are the exceptions, and there is no point in doing it. The owners of the 12 teams say that it is meaningless, and I think so," said the 12 teams. Said that he was in agreement with the unattended game with a negative idea.

NPB Secretary General Ihara "Hawks judges and understands the situation in Fukuoka Prefecture"

Regarding Softbank's hosting match being held without spectators during the state of emergency, NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball Secretary-General Atsushi Ihara said, "What is the recognition of the 12 teams that it is not an" emergency declaration equal unattended match "? Since we are checking the degree, there is no slack. On the other hand, we are also confirming that we will make the highest priority on safety and security in cooperation with each local government. This Hawks is from Fukuoka Prefecture. I have been told that it was judged by the situation, and I understand that too. "