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Nine duels are scheduled.

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  • LIVE:

  • Vitesse-Ajax 1-2

  • Utrecht-PSV 1-0

  • AZ-Heracles 1-0

  • Feyenoord-RKC 2-0

  • PEC-Groningen 0-0

  • Heerenveen-Sparta 0-2

  • Willem II-Fortuna 1-0

  • Twente-ADO 2-2

  • VVV-Emmen 0-1

FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago

45 'GOAL FC Twente!


ADO quickly relinquishes the lead.

Boy Kemper gets the ball against his arm in the penalty area, after which Dennis Higler points to the spot.

Danilo - normally the penalty taker of the Enschede team - is suspended and so Narsingh goes behind the ball.

He shoots the ball out of reach of Fraisl.

Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago

45 'GOAL Willem II!


Mad joy at Willem II, who took the very important lead just before half time.

Pavlidis's goal is of great beauty.

The striker slalom through Fortuna's defense and finishes it off with a marker.

a few seconds ago

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

44 'GOAL Vitesse!


Kudus gets the ball clumsily on the back of the head, after which Schuurs also cannot prevent Openda from making the connecting goal on behalf of Vitesse.

FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago

44 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Jens Toornstra doubles the lead of the team from Rotterdam in an empty cockpit.

He is attentive and cleverly shoots the ball in the rebound.

FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago

43 'GOAL Ajax!


Despite reaching the hundredth goal, the team from Amsterdam remains hungry for more goals.

After a fleet-running combination, Antony can tap in from close by.

AZ-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

42 'GOAL AZ!


Myron Boadu this week had to swallow the disappointment of the lack of his name in the preliminary European Championship selection of the Dutch national team.

This afternoon, the striker gets his gram by opening the score against Heracles.

Because PSV is lagging behind, AZ virtually comes next to the Eindhoven team in points.

However, the difference in goal difference is huge, to the disadvantage of the Alkmaarders.

Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago

37 'After a good opening phase, Willem II's offensive has subsided somewhat.

Due to FC Emmen's lead, the pressure on the Tilburgers is increasing, because Fortuna will now have to be won to become fifteenth.

a few seconds ago

FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago

40 'GOAL FC Twente!


Directly after ADO's second goal, FC Twente makes the connection goal again.

It is Rock tapping the ball in from close range.

FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago



John Goossens is confident after his fantastic goal from just now and decides to build.

He shoots the ball in from a great distance via Drommel's fingertips.

Feyenoord-RKC · a few seconds ago

37 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Nicolai Jørgensen puts Feyenoord ahead against RKC.

The striker receives the ball from Berghuis and then slides the ball in controlled.

FC Utrecht-PSV a few seconds ago

36 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


A perfect free kick from Simon Gustafson reaches Sander van de Streek, who gets the ball into the goal via Obispo.

VVV-Venlo-FC Emmen a few seconds ago

36 'GOAL FC Emmen!


There is the very important opening goal of FC Emmen!

After a smooth attack with a nice heel from Glenn Bijl, it is Luka Adzic who pushes the ball into the goal.

Because it is still 0-0 at Willem II-Fortuna, Emmen is virtually safe at the moment.

a few seconds ago

AZ-Heracles Almelo · a few seconds ago

28 'AZ thinks they will get a penalty after Midtsjø is brought to the ground.

However, the violation was made just outside the penalty area, the VAR ruled.

Not a penalty kick, but a free kick, which poses no further danger.

FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago



The interests are no longer that great in the Grolsch Veste, but John Goossens shows his class.

The question is whether he is doing it consciously, but the ADO midfielder turns a corner in one go through the post in the intersection.

Feyenoord-RKC · a few seconds ago

A loss for Dick Advocaat: Lutsharel Geertruida has been replaced injured.

The trainer may have to miss the right back in the play-offs for European football.

VVV-Venlo-FC Emmen a few seconds ago

25 'After a difficult opening phase, there are still opportunities for FC Emmen to take the lead.

However, these are not spent on Adzic and Frei.

Emmen has to win at the already relegated VVV to be able to escape the play-offs.

FC Utrecht-PSV a few seconds ago

23 'Eran Zahavi is the end station of a fast Eindhoven attack, but he does not get the ball past Utrecht goalkeeper Oelschlägel.

Feyenoord-RKC · a few seconds ago

22 'Dick Advocaat has to make a forced change early in the match.

Lutsharel Geertruida is unable to continue and is replaced by Tyrell Malacia.

a few seconds ago

AZ-Heracles · a few seconds ago

22 'Because of Sparta's lead, it looks bleak for Heracles' European aspirations.

Just like Sparta, the tukkers have 44 points, but a goal difference that is much worse.

Opponent AZ still has a theoretical chance to knock PSV out of second place, but then the team from Eindhoven must lose and AZ must set a monster score.

There is nothing to indicate that yet: halfway through the first half it is 0-0.

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

19 'Post Ajax!

Now it is Haller who lays the ball ready, after which Kudus pushes the ball against the post out of reach of Pasveer.

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

Ajax has reached the limit of one hundred Eredivisie goals in one season fourteen times before, the last time in the 2018/2019 season (119 goals).

PSV (4x), Feyenoord (1x) and AZ (1x) once also succeeded.

Sc Heerenveen-Sparta Rotterdam a few seconds ago

17 'GOAL Sparta!


What an afternoon it seems to be for Sparta.

After just over fifteen minutes it is already 0-2 in the Abe Lenstra Stadium.

Goalkeeper Erwin Mulder is transfixed by a shot by Wouter Burger, who seems to be shooting Sparta towards the play-offs.

Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago

11 'The chances in Tilburg are in the opening phase for the home team.

A shot from Trésor just misses the Limburg goal.

a few seconds ago

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

12 'GOAL Ajax!


There is within fifteen minutes the hundredth Ajax goal of the Eredivisie season.

Sébastien Haller pushes the ball on a pass from Jurgen Ekkelenkamp behind Remko Pasveer, who will be under contract with the team from Amsterdam next season.

Sc Heerenveen-Sparta Rotterdam a few seconds ago

7 'GOAL Sparta!


There is the first goal of the afternoon and it is immediately an important one.

With a wonderful shot into the short corner, Lennart puts Thy Sparta ahead.

If Sparta wins, it is certain of eighth place in the Eredivisie and participation in the play-offs for European football.

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

Last week, Feyenoord decided not to form a guard of honor for champion Ajax, but after VVV-Venlo, Vitesse has also decided to do so.

VVV-Venlo-FC Emmen a few seconds ago

3 'Even the players of FC Emmen will have their nerves screaming through their throats.

The Drenten must win and hope that competitor Willem II at home against Fortuna Sittard does not do the same.

Here we go!

#vvvEMM |

0-0 |



Avatar Author FC Emmen Moment of places 12:30 - 16 May 2021

Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago

1 'Willem II immediately makes the intentions clear.

Already in the first minute, striker Pavlidis heads the ball one meter over.

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago


It is exactly 2.30 pm and so the ball rolls for the last time this season in all games in the Eredivisie.

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

Seventeen-year-old Kian Fitz-Jim is in the selection of Ajax for the first time and can hope for his debut today.

Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago

Willem II coach Zeljko Petrovic does not believe in FC Emmen's denial that an incentive bonus has been offered to the players of Fortuna.

"It's spinning, spinning, spinning," he told



"That premium is 100 percent sure. We just don't have that in writing."

Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago

Although supporters may not be welcome in the stadium, that does not mean that the fans of Willem II do not see the opportunity to encourage their players.


❤️🤍💙 #WILFOR


Avatar Author Willem II Moment of places 11: 26-16 May 2021

Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago

In principle, Vitesse and Ajax do not play for anything anymore, but both teams play with quite a few fixed names.

The team from Amsterdam can score their hundredth goal of the season.

Now Erik ten Hag's team has 99 hits.

One more time ⏳ #vitaja


Avatar Author AFC Ajax Moment of places 12: 12-16 May 2021

VVV-Venlo-FC Emmen a few seconds ago

FC Emmen denies offering premium

According to FC Emmen chairman Ronald Lubbers, there is no incentive


for Fortuna Sittard.

The Limburgers will soon play against Willem II, FC Emmen's competitor in the battle for the safe fifteenth place. 

"There has been some buzz," Lubbers told



"The question was put to the management from both sides. There was a clear answer that it was not allowed. Then it stopped."

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

This is now the position in the Eredivisie:

  • Ajax 33-



  • PSV 33-



  • AZ 33-



  • Vitesse 33-



  • Feyenoord 33-



  • FC Utrecht 33-



  • FC Groningen 33-



  • Sparta 33-



  • Heracles 33-



  • Fortuna Sittard 33-



  • Heerenveen 33-



  • FC Twente 33-



  • PEC Zwolle 33-



  • RKC Waalwijk 33-



  • Willem II 33-



  • FC Emmen 33-



  • VVV-Venlo 33-



  • ADO The Hague 33-



  • Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

    Although many decisions have already been made, a number of things are still at stake on Sunday during the last round of the Eredivisie season.

    An overview of the most important things.

    Willem II-Fortuna Sittard · a few seconds ago


    There is also the last line-up of this afternoon.

    Willem II ends with a victory above the relegation line and can then breathe a sigh of relief after a very difficult season.

    Fortuna no longer plays for anything, not even for FC Emmen's banned incentive premium.

    Arrangement Willem II:


    Owusu, Van Beek, Holmén, Köhn;

    Llonch, Trésor, Saddiki;

    Nunnely, Wriedt, Pavlidis.

    Line-up Fortuna:

    Van Osch;

    Essers, Angha, Janssen, Cox;

    Tekie, Flemming, Rienstra;

    Semedo, Polter, Seuntjens.

    sc Heerenveen-Sparta Rotterdam a few seconds ago


    Heerenveen is finished, but Sparta is still fighting for the play-offs for European football.

    These are the setups in Friesland:


    sc Heerenveen

    : Mulder;

    Akujobi, Van Hecke, Bochniewicz, Woudenberg;

    J. Veerman, De Jong, Halilovic, Nygren;

    H. Veerman, Van Bergen.

    Setup Sparta Rotterdam

    : Okoye;

    Abels, Vriends, Heylen, Meijers;

    Burger, Harroui, Smeets;

    Mijnans, Thy, English.

    VVV-Venlo-FC Emmen a few seconds ago


    A game where the tension is full today.

    Not for the already relegated VVV-Venlo, but for FC Emmen.

    The Drenthe team must win itself and hope that Willem II will drop against Fortuna Sittard.

    If that does not happen, Emmen is sentenced to play play-offs.

    Giakoumakis is missing at VVV, who will almost certainly be the top scorer of the Eredivisie.

    He's not even in the squad.

    VVV-Venlo setup:

    D. van Crooij;

    Pachonik, Dekker, Swinkels, Da Graca;

    Guwara, Post, Essanoussi;

    V. van Crooij, Arias, Roemer.

    Line-up FC Emmen:


    Ax, Araújo, Bakker, Cavlan;

    Ben Moussa, Bernadou, Frei;

    Peña, Adzic, De Leeuw.

    PEC Zwolle-FC Groningen a few seconds ago


    No Arjen Robben at FC Groningen, but we will see these 22 names on the field in Zwolle:

    Setup PEC Zwolle

    : Mous;

    Doué, Van den Belt, Nakayama, Paal;

    Strieder, Saymak, Clement, Pherai;

    Tedic, Misidjan.

    Line-up FC Groningen

    : Padt;

    Leal, Matusiwa, Itakura, Miguel;

    El Messaoudi, Van Kaam, Suslov;

    El Hankouri, Larsen Beach, Joosten.

    Vitesse-Ajax · a few seconds ago


    The starters in Arnhem are also known!

    These are the line-ups of Vitesse and Ajax, both of which don't play for anything anymore today:

    Line-up Vitesse

    : Pasveer;

    Dasa, Dukhi, Bazur, Hájek, Wittek;

    Tronstad, Gong, Huisman;

    Hernández, Openda.

    Line-up Ajax

    : Stekelenburg;

    Timber, Schuurs, Martínez, Rensch;

    Ekkelenkamp, ​​Gravenberch, Kudus;

    Antony, Haller, Tadic.

    Feyenoord-RKC Waalwijk · a few seconds ago


    There is also little at stake for Feyenoord and RKC Waalwijk.

    If things go badly, RKC can still be sixteenth, but that chance is minimal.

    Achraf El Bouchataoui is a striking name in the base at Feyenoord.

    Line-up Feyenoord

    : Marsman;

    Geertruida, Botteghin, Spajic, Haps;

    El Bouchataoui, Toornstra, Kökçü;

    Berghuis, Jørgensen, Sinisterra.

    Setup RKC Waalwijk

    : Lamprou;

    Bakari, Meulensteen, Adewoye, Quasten;

    Van der Venne, Tahiri, Anita;

    Ngonge, Sow, Oosting.

    FC Twente-ADO The Hague · a few seconds ago


    There is also the last line-up of ADO Den Haag in the Eredivisie.

    The selection of the relegant will undoubtedly undergo a metamorphosis next season in the Kitchen Champion Division.

    And the line-up of opponent FC Twente: Drommel;

    Ebuehi, Dumic, Oosterwolde, Smal;

    Zerrouki, Brama, Bosch;

    Narsingh, Rock, Many.

    📄 The last line-up of the season ... #tweADO #TheHagueTillIDie


    Author ADO Den Haag 🔰Moment of places11: 13-16 May 2021

    FC Utrecht-PSV a few seconds ago

    PSV will start the last league match with Eran Zahavi and Yorbe Vertessen in the forefront.

    Top scorer Donyell Malen is not in the selection.

    Marco van Ginkel wears the captain's armband.

    When visiting FC Utrecht, the people from Eindhoven need one more point on paper to finish second and thus qualify for the preliminary round of the Champions League.

    PSV line-up:


    Teze, Obispo, Viergever, Max;

    Sangaré, Van Ginkel;

    Gakpo, Götze;

    Vertessen, Zahavi.

    Line-up FC Utrecht:


    Ter Avest, St. Jago, Janssen, Warmerdam;

    Van Overeem, Van de Streek, Emanuelson;

    Boussaid, Church, Gustafson.

    Back up