With the help of six Olympic champions, 5000 runners competed in Rushan Women's Half Marathon.

Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee

  China News Service, Beijing, May 16th. The reporter learned from the event organizing committee that the 2021 Dishang "Beauty 18" Rushan Women's Half Marathon kicked off early this morning in Rushan Yintan, Shandong, with 5,000 runners and 17 wheelchair runners. Participating in the competition, Zhu Yuxuan won the championship with a score of 1:22:50.

  Following the instruction from the host Han Qiaosheng, more than 5,000 runners, on-site guests, referees, and staff, including Olympic champions Wang Liping, Xing Aowei, Le Jingyi, Xiao Hailiang, Song Nina, Mo Huilan, etc., all raised their arms. He stretched out his thumb and made a "like" gesture toward the sky, echoing the thumb sculpture not far away.

The scene of the game.

Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee

  The new etiquette of "Like" pushed the atmosphere of the competition to a climax, and immediately the game started, and 5000 runners and 17 wheelchair runners set off.

After more than an hour of fierce competition, Zhu Yuxuan, Zhao Ying, and Pan Yijing won the top three places with 1:22:50, 1:22:51, and 1:22:55 respectively.

  This event is jointly sponsored by the Chinese Athletic Association, People's Sports and Rushan Municipal People's Government.

The event is divided into three competitions: half marathon (21.0975 kilometers), happy running 10 kilometers and family parent-child running (3.2 kilometers).

In order to let the disabled people feel the charm and happiness of sports as well, the event specially invited 17 wheelchair runners to use their sweat to water their own honor together with other runners.

The design concept of "Beauty 18" Women's Half Marathon Finishing Necklace is "Shiny Life".

Photo courtesy of the Organizing Committee

  According to the organizing committee of the competition, Rushan is known as the hometown of longevity in China. The women’s half-horse in Rushan gathers the beautiful scenery on the track. In addition to the famous Silver Beach, the contestants will also run around the Tidal Lake Wetland Park for a week. Designed a unique combination of "coastal + lake" race track scenery in China.

  The "Beauty 18" Rushan Women's Half Marathon was founded in 2018. As the first marathon event in Shandong Province with female runners as the main venue, through the "Beauty 18" this event IP, Rushan's unique maternal love, humanity and nature The environment and a good image of the city are integrated with the women's marathon, forming a good reputation for the event.