In the second year of professional baseball Lotte, pitcher Roki Sasaki will make his debut in the Seibu battle at his home base on the 16th.

Pitcher Sasaki, who has the fastest speed of 163 km, will make his debut as a starting pitcher at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba City on the 16th.

Ball number of 85 balls before and after is in prospect, Sasaki pitcher but I think that to be a "tension is disgusting, so cut - throwing up as much as possible If you go in innocently. First 5 times as a starting pitcher, making full use of all type of pitch you have the their own I want to fight. "

19-year-old pitcher Sasaki did not pitch in the official game through the 1st and 2nd teams due to poor conditions last season in his first year as a pro.

Although the 2nd army started this season, we gradually increased the number of innings and the number of balls, and in the last 2 games, we threw 6 times and kept no goals and 1 goal respectively.

In total, he pitched 20 times in the starting lineup of 5 games with an ERA of 0.45, and gave 3 walks and 19 strikeouts, marking the fastest 156km.

Director Tadahito Iguchi said, "I want you to show me the pitching that is typical of pitcher Sasaki."

It will be interesting to see how pitcher Sasaki, who was nominated first by the four teams at the draft meeting without having participated in Koshien, will show pitching on the first professional stage.