The hockey players from Den Bosch have won the national title for the twentieth time on Saturday.

In the final of the play-offs, the team of departing coach Raoul Ehren won the second game against title holder Amsterdam 1-0 by a goal in the final second.

The men's national title went to Bloemendaal, which settled with Kampong after shoot-outs.

Frédérique Matla took care of the decisive goal at Den Bosch-Amsterdam just before the final signal.

The Orange-international dragged the ball from a penalty corner into the intersection beautifully.

Den Bosch won the first game in the final of the play-offs on Thursday with 0-1, also thanks to a goal by Matla.

Earlier in the second half, Matla saw two more penalty corners stopped by Anne Veenendaal, who also turned a bet from Lidewij Welten before half time.

On the other hand, Josine Koning kept Michelle Fillet from scoring in a penalty corner.

International Welten dropped out in the final phase of the match and feared a serious injury.

She already announced that she would end the European Championship, which will be held in Amstelveen at the beginning of June.

Den Bosch last became national champion in 2018, after which the title went to Amsterdam a year later.

Last season, there was no champion due to the corona crisis.

Den Bosch grabbed the national title only three times since the 1997/1998 season, which also went to Amsterdam in 2009 and 2013.

Ehren sat on the bench for the 350th time at an official game in Den Bosch.

He is now going to work as the national coach of the Belgian hockey players.

The joy is great at Den Bosch after Frédérique Matla's winning goal.

The joy is great at Den Bosch after Frédérique Matla's winning goal.

Photo: Pro Shots

Hockey players Bloemendaal for 21st time national champion

The men's national title was conquered by Bloemendaal.

Just like in the first meeting with Kampong in Utrecht, it was 2-2 after regular playing time in Bloemendaal on Saturday and shoot-outs were needed to make the decision.

Jonas de Geus, Terrance Pieters and Lageman missed on behalf of Kampong.

The Utrechters were still in the lead after seventeen minutes via Robert Kemperman, who used a rebound after a penalty corner.

Thierry Brinkman tapped in the equalizer five minutes before half time on a pass from Floris Wortelboer.

A little more than twenty minutes before the end, Kampong took the lead again with some fortune - Silas Lageman tapped in after a touched shot from a penalty corner by Jip Janssen - but Bloemendaal forced shoot-outs just before time by a new goal from Brinkman and pulled in. again at the longest end.

Just before the 2-2, Kampong player Floris de Ridder got a red card after he pressed his stick into the belly of star Brinkman.

He first received yellow for his action, but had to leave later.

For the men of Bloemendaal it is the 21st national title in history and the eighth this century.

In 2019, the title also went to Bloemendaal, after Kampong had been crowned champion in 2017 and 2018.

The Bloemendaal hockey players are national champions for the 21st time.

The Bloemendaal hockey players are national champions for the 21st time.

Photo: ANP