The semi-final of the top league playoff tournament, which doubles as the Japanese championship of rugby, was held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Osaka, and Panasonic defeated Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. 48-21 to decide to advance to the final.

The playoff tournament semi-final of the rugby top league, which will be the last of this season, will be held at Hanazono Rugby Stadium in Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture on the 15th and 16th, one game each, and no spectators have been decided. I will.

In the match on the 15th, Panasonic, which ranked first in the White Conference, and Toyota Motor, which ranked second in the Red Conference, played against each other.

In the first play of Panasonic, Kenki Fukuoka of the wing took the lead and took the lead, but after that, Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. turned around with * Takahashi Tadashi of the wing deciding two tries and it was 18 to 17. I took the lead and finished the first half.

In the second half, Panasonic regained a sense of stability in the defense and grasped the flow, and after Takuya Yamasawa who participated in the middle decided a reversal try, Fukuoka also decided two tries and won 48 to 21 to advance to the final. I decided.

In the second half, Panasonic decided four tries without giving one try in the defense and pushed Toyota Motor out.

The final will be held at the Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium in Tokyo on the 23rd of this month, and Panasonic will face the winner of Suntory vs. Kubota on the 16th.

Director Deans "It was a match called" just the playoffs ""

Panasonic coach Robbie Deans said in the first half that he was leading but reversed in the remaining 20 minutes of the second half. "It was a game called" just a playoff. "In the first half, the players were calm despite the severe pressure as expected. He played. The game captain, Robbie Deans, pulled the team. "

In addition, regarding the introduction of Shota Horie as early as 21 minutes in the first half, he said, "Horie always adds value to the team. He adapted well." I was evaluating it.

3 tries Fukuoka "Get out so that no regrets remain"

Panasonic's Kenki Fukuoka said that he had decided on three tries, including the one immediately after the start. "It was good, but there were some parts that were not enough for the total performance, so I would like to correct it for the final. There is a reflection that there is a part that was fluffy or that it came to the surface a little in the try immediately after, "he said.

Fukuoka has announced that he will retire only this season, saying, "I just want to do my best not to leave any regrets and do my best to win the title of the championship." Was shown.

Matsuda "I want to win the championship and send out Fukuoka players"

Panasonic's command tower, standoff Rikiya Matsuda said, "I was wondering how much I could endure because I analyzed that the opponent was strong in the first half. The point difference was not wide, so I could carry out the match well as a result. I think it was. "

In addition, Kenki Fukuoka, who has announced that he will retire only this season, decided three tries and played an active part. I want you to play rugby. I'm happy to be able to play Fukuoka's final match on the best stage of the final, and I want the whole team to win and send Fukuoka out. "

Horie who participated on the way "You can't win without desperation"

In the first half, Panasonic's Shota Horie, who participated in the middle and changed the difficult flow, said, "There was no big mistake and I did not have the impression that there was a big cause and the point difference was wide, so if we do what we can do we can reverse it. I thought. "

Horie said that he was putting a slap on the player who felt that he was not moving when he saw the game from the bench. I hit him. "