Three athletes who have been nominated to represent Japan in the Tokyo Olympics boat will be interviewed online before participating in the international competition to be held in Switzerland next week as part of strengthening, and the status of infection with the new coronavirus in Japan and overseas, etc. Based on this, he talked about his complicated thoughts about holding the Olympic Games.

Following the results of the Asia-Oceania continental qualifying held in Tokyo this month, the Japanese representative of the rowing at the Tokyo Olympics is a pair of women's lightweight double sculls Chiaki Tomita and Ayami Oishi, and men's single scull Ryuta Arakawa. A total of 3 people have been unofficially decided.

As part of their strengthening, the three will be competing in an international competition to open in Switzerland next week, and were interviewed online on the 14th before leaving the country.

Of these, Tomita commented on the holding of the Olympic Games based on the status of infection with the new coronavirus in Japan and overseas. Honestly, I can't do anything about it, so I'm imagining how I can perform in the race and do 120% of what I've done, rather than a goal in the form of a medal. " Did.

In addition, Arakawa said, "As an athlete, I am trying to put out 100% of my strength on the premise that there is a Tokyo tournament, but as a Japanese person who is not an athlete, I have a lot of things to think about now. I try not to think too much, "he revealed in his painful chest.

After participating in the international competition, the three will return to Japan and prepare for the competition at a training camp in Japan.