Before the NHK Cup of gymnastics, which doubles as a representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics, will be held from the 15th, Kohei Uchimura, who is aiming to participate in the Olympics with horizontal bars for each event, will make adjustments at the venue and confirm his big skills. I did it.

The NHK Cup for gymnastics, which will be held in Nagano City from the 15th, will also serve as a representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics.

Athletes aiming to participate in the Olympics by event, such as Uchimura, will be selected as representatives based on the results of the NHK Cup and the All Japan Championships next month.

Uchimura marked a high score of over 15 points in both the qualifying and the final at the All Japan Championship last month, which was one of the representative selections, and aims for a more complete performance at the NHK Cup.

On the 14th, we adjusted for about 2 hours at the venue where the NHK Cup was held.

Uchimura started to rotate slowly at first, as if to check the feel of the equipment by practicing the horizontal bar, then gradually increased the difficulty of the technique, and the movement of the hand-release technique such as the big technique "Bret Schneider" of H difficulty. I confirmed.

Then, while watching the video, I was checking my performance while moving my hands and talking with my coach.

In addition, Hidenobu Yonekura, who is aiming to participate in the Olympics by vaulting by event, has confirmed the movement of "Yonekura", the most difficult technique that he can name.

The NHK Cup will be held on the 15th for women's competitions and on the 16th for men's competitions.

Kohei Uchimura "I just want to have a satisfying performance"

Kohei Uchimura, who attended the press conference after the practice on the 14th, said, "I have made good adjustments for myself, so I want to put out what I have prepared. The Olympics are approaching day by day. However, I have a strong desire to perform my own satisfaction. I started doing gymnastics because I liked it, but when I look back, I rarely have been able to perform satisfyingly, so I just want to perform with satisfaction. " did.

Based on the fact that this tournament will be held at the venue of the Nagano Olympics, "There are Olympic marks in various places in the venue, and you can feel the atmosphere of the Olympics. The representative selection has an indescribable and spicy atmosphere. However, I think that this venue will bring out that atmosphere even more, and I think that it will be conveyed to the athletes. "

In addition, 19-year-old Daiki Hashimoto, who won the All Japan Championship last month, and 18-year-old Takeru Kitazono, who was 6th, will decide two of the four representative members of the men's group aiming to win the Olympic Games in a row at this tournament. He touched on the players and said, "Hashimoto has a lot of momentum, so I think it's safe to do it without hesitation. It's a must-have in Japan. Kitazono doesn't know the situation of his right elbow injury. I had a good look when I met him earlier, so I wonder if it's okay. "

He said, "I have the experience of becoming a representative at a young age and becoming the top of the world, so there are many things I have to tell. I was quite worried because I couldn't join the group, but there. It's the two younger generations who will pay for it. They have to play a central role in Japan. In addition, if I can convey my experience well, it won't be even stronger. I think. "

Regarding the Tokyo Olympics, where discussions are taking place, "I try not to think about it. I started doing gymnastics in the first place, so I just concentrate on the practice and the game in front of me. I will do my best for that. I came up with the idea that it was just that. "