Since the two stadiums where the soccer J.League team is based have become vaccination venues for the new coronavirus, the J.League shares the know-how of venue management such as appropriate guidance of waiting people with local governments. Then, we will provide support to facilitate the inoculation.

According to the J League, Toyota Stadium in Aichi Prefecture, the home of the J1 Nagoya Grand Pass, and Machida GION Stadium, the home of J2 Machida Zelvia, have already been decided as venues for vaccination with the new corona virus, as well as the home of J1 Vissel Kobe. , Noevir Stadium Kobe is also being finalized to be the venue.

In response to this, the J.League, in cooperation with the National Governors' Association, shares the know-how cultivated in the game management of these stadiums, such as organizing and guiding the lines of people waiting, with local governments to facilitate inoculation. We will provide support to proceed.

Governor Iizumi of Tokushima Prefecture, who is the chairman of the National Governors' Association, said, "I am very grateful for the cooperation." , 10,000 people will finish the vaccination immediately. I would like to ask for your close cooperation in the future. "

In addition, J-League chairman Mitsuru Murai said, "First of all, we will start with trials at several clubs, but we would like to build up so that we can contribute."

The J-League also wants to help secure vaccination leaders such as doctors and nurses, calling on hospitals to which team doctors of each club belong and affiliated medical institutions, and nurses on leave. It means asking for cooperation from such people.