Eight minutes into the first semifinal, Viktor Fasth was injured and Erik Källgren, who was to be the second goalkeeper in the playoffs, had to take over.

He has since played all matches for Växjö and done really well.

On Monday night, he and his teammates celebrated Växjö's third Swedish Championship gold.

After lifting the trophy and winning the gold medal, he was clearly taken by the moment.

- It is a milestone in my career.

This will take a while to melt, he says as he wipes his tears.

"They have never doubted"

- I have my family and my girlfriend who always support.

I'm so incredibly grateful.

Without them, I would never have sat here today, says the 24-year-old.

The 24-year-old, who has Lidingö HC as his mother club, pays tribute to his parents.

- It is impossible to describe.

They have done everything for me.

They have believed in me and let me chase my dream and never doubted that I would do this, he says.

CLIP: Växjö Lakers takes Swedish Championship gold - went on to knock in final five

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Big cheers in Växjö after salvaging Swedish Championship gold. Photo: Bildbyrån