Athletics: 2021 African Championships in uncertainty

Will the Burkinabe Marthe Koala be able to try to regain the title of African champion of the heptathlon, in 2021 in Algeria?


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The next African Athletics Championships, already postponed from 2020 to 2021 because of Covid-19, have been postponed from the start (1-5) to the end of June and should be held in Algiers instead of Oran.

This event should serve as a springboard for many African athletes for the Tokyo Olympics (23 July-8 August).


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The 22nd African Athletics Championships are struggling to get established.

This 22nd edition, initially scheduled for 2020, had been postponed to 2021 because of the Covid pandemic.

The African Athletics Confederation (CAA) and the Algerian authorities had agreed on a rally in Oran June 1 to 5.

But we will have to push back and relocate this major sporting event.

The African Senior Athletics Championships, initially scheduled for Oran, are to be held from June 24 to 28, 2021 in Algiers

," CAA said in a statement.

However, the Algerian organizers are awaiting the green light from the national scientific commission for monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic, which alone is empowered to make a decision in relation to the evolution of the pandemic at national and regional level.

The CAA is listening to the Algerian authorities to confirm the date of the championships


"It will be very difficult to organize them"

On the side of the Algerian Athletics Federation, it is pessimism that seems to prevail. " 

We are still awaiting the agreement of the national scientific committee for monitoring the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic to be able to organize this competition in Algiers

," FAA boss Yacine Louaïl told Algeria Presse Service.

Our request has been transmitted for more than 20 days. As of today, we have not received any response. We are very late to host this important event, qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. Frankly, it will be very difficult to organize it


In fact, there is not much room left in an overloaded competition calendar. In July, four stages of the prestigious Diamond League, which brings together the best athletes, are scheduled. Then it will be the long awaited Summer Olympics (July 23-August 8). However, these 2021 African Championships should serve as preparation for Tokyo, or even as qualifications for some.

Faced with this imbroglio, the heptathlete Marthe Koala prefers to remain a philosopher.


This situation worries me and does not worry me at the same time

, exposes the Burkinabè to

Obviously, it's always better to do a continental competition before getting to a world competition.

So if these African Championships don't take place, it won't be good for most of the athletes.

But, as far as I'm concerned, I played two meetings in Italy in April and I will have another one in May in Austria


She concludes: “ 

I prepared well for the Olympics.

The most important thing is that the Olympics take place.



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