There were only a few sentences.

And they were not handed down until late in the evening.

But it was obviously enough to cause even more frustration with the appendix, who was already disappointed with the performance shown in some cases and the 1-1 draw against Mainz 05.

At least it made its way into social media.

"It's not because of me, and it's not because of the team," said Adi Hütter, Eintracht's trainer, in the "Tagesthemen" of ARD on Sunday. It is just like that, he added, “that every game in the Bundesliga is difficult and we have sometimes played beyond our means, certainly at the upper limit. People should talk what they want. I really - to be honest - don't care either. Nobody knows what it looks like in the cabin, in the catacombs. That is what is decisive for me and what counts for me. "

As open, as clear as the words were, they were as astonishing as they were supposed to serve as an explanation for the drop in performance of the team that - since Hütter announced on April 13th that he was moving to Borussia Mönchengladbach for the new season four games won just one (Augsburg), plus there was a draw (Mainz) and two defeats (Mönchengladbach, Dortmund).

Eintracht Frankfurt threatens to gamble away the top class in the last meters of the season

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All in all, it meant that Eintracht lost the qualification for the Champions League in their own hands and a lead of seven points over Borussia Dortmund.

Frankfurt is fifth in the table, one point behind Dortmund, which is in fourth place.

Frankfurt is looking for a trainer

The once so good atmosphere around the surprise team, which for the first time since the 18th matchday no longer ranks among the top four teams in the league, has tipped over. It is the recently partly weak performances of the team, which has been acting aggressively and defensively for a long time, as well as tactical and personal decisions by the coach that have led to this.

The reports regarding the imminent departure of coach Hütter, who had said in February that he wanted to stay, and the change from sports director Fredi Bobic to Hertha BSC did the rest.

Since the sports director, Bruno Huebner, is also leaving the club in the summer because he wants to retire, three important executives are leaving the club.

Something like that reverberates, something like that has an effect.

Especially in times that are so uncertain for the football industry about the corona pandemic.


A new sports director has already been found in Markus Krösche, but who will follow Hütter is still open.

What in the club, it seems, doesn't bother anyone either.

Peter Fischer, President of Eintracht, put a brake on expectations of a quick commitment before the game against Mainz and said that the future sports director Krösche would of course be included in the search.

Markus Krösche is the new sports director of Eintracht

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“It would be incredibly stupid if I came with the trainer Dieter Bohlen next week and on June 1st.

Markus starts with us.

That would be a pointless action, "said Fischer at Sky.

But there has been a lot of speculation in the past few weeks.

There was talk of Oliver Glasner (Wolfsburg), even of a football legend like Raúl, who is currently employed as a coach in the Real Madrid youth team.

Hütter in the criticism

Currently, however, Adi Hütter is still directing as a trainer.

According to Nadine Peter, who is responsible for the online magazine "SGE4EVER", he has been looking listless since it was known that he was leaving Eintracht after three years.

She finds the current development a shame, “for the team that deserves to crown this season with the Champions League.

And for the fans, who, despite the Corona situation, give everything to show the team that they are there and - unlike Mr Hütter apparently - still believe that fourth place will come out in the end ”.

Luka Jovic trots off the lawn after the game against Mainz.

His future in Frankfurt is also uncertain

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It is still unclear where the journey will go internationally - to the Europa League (participation is certain) or, for the first time in the club's history, to the premier class.

Either way, top performers like André Silva or Filip Kostic will be difficult to keep anyway - like all clubs, Eintracht is dependent on income whether the corona pandemic.

They would be higher if the leap into the Champions League was still successful.

There the entry fee for the group stage alone is around 15 million euros, in the Europa League it is only three.

Schalke and Freiburg are now the remaining opponents from Frankfurt (57 points), while BVB (58) still meet Mainz and Leverkusen and third place in the table Wolfsburg (60) meets RB Leipzig and Mainz.