Brynäs managed to stay in the SHL with difficulty after qualifying against HV71.

Now comes the news that club director Michael Campese is leaving Gävleklubben after the failed season.

“After taking SM silver in the SDHL and securing our place in the SHL during the coming season, Brynäs IF is implementing a major organizational change.

As part of that, Michael Campese chooses to leave his position as club director, ”the club writes on its website.

Lacks replacements for several heavy items

No replacement is ready at the moment.

"On Monday 17 May, we will present the next step in our development journey, based on the screening of the club's business plan and organizational structure," the club writes.

Brynäs also lacks a chairman as Jürgen Lorenz has left his post.

The club's general manager Michael Sundlöv resigned in connection with the qualifiers and he has not been replaced either.

In addition, Brynäs does not have a head coach for the men's team at the moment.

ARCHIVE: Extension drama - HV71 leaves the SHL (April 18, 2021)

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HV71 will play in the hockey allsvenskan next season.

Photo: Bildbyrån