Zinedine Zidane believes that Real Madrid has been seriously disadvantaged in the top match against Sevilla on Sunday.

Due to a 2-2 draw, the reigning champion spilled expensive points in the Spanish title fight.

Zidane denounced a controversial VAR decision afterwards.

His team received a penalty fifteen minutes before time (with a score of 1-1) after Karim Benzema was knocked out.

Shortly before, however, the VAR had noted hands from Éder Militão on the other side, on which not Real but Sevilla received a penalty.

"I spoke to the referee afterwards, but he was unable to convince me", Zidane complained at the press conference.

"Normally I never talk about referees, but today I am very angry."

The French coach found the decision unjustified, because he saw that at the controversial moment not only Militão, but also a player from Sevilla touched the ball with his hand.

"But only our handball was penalized. They should explain that to me."

"We can talk about it now, but it won't be clear anyway and that annoys me," Zidane continued.

"Today I saw a handball from Sevilla and a handball from Real Madrid and only we are being penalized. That is the reality."

Chaos in Madrid!

At first it looks like a penalty for Real Madrid, but the VAR has seen a handball before and so it is a staff kick for Sevilla!

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Zidane still sees plenty of opportunities for title prolongation

The penalty awarded was used by Ivan Rakitic, after which Real Madrid only managed to avoid a defeat in the nick of time.

Deep in stoppage time, Eden Hazard drew a straight shot for the equalizer.

"We earned three points, because we were better," said Zidane, who guided Real Madrid to the league title as a trainer in 2017 and 2020.

"But there are still three games to play, nothing has been lost yet."

The Spanish title fight is extremely exciting this season.

After 35 rounds of play, Atlético Madrid is in the lead, followed on two points by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona of trainer Ronald Koeman.

View the stand and the program in La Liga.

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