Terunofuji, who returned to Ozeki on the second day of the Sumo Summer Basho, will start on the first day with a white star, and on the 10th, he will face Hokutofuji, the leader of the front.

With Yokozuna absent due to Hakuho's closure, all four Ozeki, who have high expectations, started their first day with Hakuho.

Of these, Terunofuji, who returned to Ozeki for the first time in 21 places, defeated Meisei in the flat curtain on the first day and was the first with Hokutofuji on the second day.

The past match record is Terunofuji's 4 wins and 3 losses, and he has been winning 4 consecutive games.

If Terunofuji catches the hit of Hokutofuji and grabs or holds the Mawashi, it is definitely superior.

For Hokutofuji, if you can attack without placing Terunofuji in front of you, such as pressing it persistently, you will have a chance to win.

Kakuban's Ozeki and Masayo will play against Wakatakakage, the leader of the front.

Wakatakakage has gained momentum by raising the ranking to the highest rank in his fast-moving sumo wrestling, and Masayo seems to be in danger if he turns passively.

The key is to be able to apply pressure firmly in the presence.

In addition, Ozeki and Takakeishō are against Koyui and Mitakeumi.

In the past match results, Takakeishō barely leads with 10 wins and 9 losses.

Both have the advantage of pushing sumo, but if you push them away and take them away, Takakeishō will dominate, and if you can push them in close contact, Mitakeumi will dominate.

Takakeishō is a place where you want to get rid of difficult enemies and catch the flow in the early stages.

Another Ozeki Asanoyama will play against the second frontal piece, Meisei.