• RC Strasbourg lost this Sunday against Montpellier (2-3) as part of the 36th day of Ligue 1.

  • The Alsatians find themselves in danger two days before the end of Ligue 1. They are only one point ahead of Nantes, the 18th.

  • “It's complicated but we still have our destiny in our hands.

    If we win the next two games, we are sure to stay in ", tempers striker Ludovic Ajorque

A stunning silence, low heads and some players leaving Meinau under the timid whistles of disillusioned supporters.

RC Strasbourg had a bad afternoon this Sunday.

Beaten by Montpellier (2-3), the Alsatian club obscured its end of the season.

Worse, he can start to tremble while looking at the classification: the barrage, Nantes, returned to one point and the 19th, Nîmes, to three units.

Two days from the end, the margin is tiny and the fear of the abyss is legitimate.

“It's complicated but we still have our destiny in our hands.

If we win the next two games, we are sure to stay in Ligue 1, ”tempers Ludovic Ajorque with his usual fighting spirit.

“We do not have the right to think, only even to think, that we are going to descend.


"I'm not worried about the minds of the players"

The striker, like his coach, clings to what he saw positive this Sunday.

That is a great reaction of pride when Racing… was led 3-0 in the 50th minute of play. “The situation could have started live and the boys hung on.

We did not let go […] I am not worried about the mentality of the players ”, supports Thierry Laurey, rather satisfied with the performance of his men,“ except for these abominable four minutes ”.

These took place just after the break, while Stefan Mitrovic's partners were already led 1-0 after the header from a corner from Laborde (36 ').

In two actions, the game turned into a nightmare.

First when Delort beat Djiku with a decisive pass from Hilton of more ... 70 meters (0-2, 46th)!

"It's quite amazing, he did it by wanting to release a ball," plague the technician from Strasbourg before welcoming the third achievement of the MHSC.

Namely an acrobatic return from Laborde after two failed clearances from Mitrovic and Dijku (0-3, 50 ').

"These are not the kind of goals you will see every weekend ..."

🎙️ Ludovic #Ajorque: "We have to be united and united to get these points over the last 2 matches. We have to work very hard to keep the club in Ligue 1 and give everything on the pitch for our supporters because they deserve it . "# RCSAMHSC (2-3) pic.twitter.com/K3ZDhANFsy

- Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace (@RCSA) May 9, 2021

“We took two stupid goals.

When you are in a complicated situation, you have everything against you, ”continues Ludovic Ajorque, always with the idea of ​​not lowering your head.

“It wasn't all negative things today.

“Like this reaction, therefore, which led to the reduction in the score of the home scorer (1-3, 69th) and this final close thanks to Zohi (2-3, 95th).

During the last minute of added time, the hope of a miraculous draw even arose.

Before quickly disappearing.

RC Strasbourg will have to fight to the end to ensure its place in the elite.

In Nice next Sunday then maybe for a pre-dam against Lorient on May 23.

“The ranking has tightened but we are still alive.

We still have the hand but we will have to take points, ”concludes Thierry Laurey.


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