In the Rugby Top League, the remaining one match of the playoff tournament quarterfinals was played, and Kubota won and decided to advance to the semifinals.

Kubota, 3rd in the Red Conference, vs. Kobe Steel, 2nd in the White Conference, decided to advance to the semi-finals with Kubota winning 23 to 21.

Kubota, who was sent off by one player in the first half, was reversed in the 31st minute of the second half, but scored a penalty goal in the 36th minute and turned around again.

This is the first time for Kubota to advance to the semi-finals.

Another match between Suntory and Ricoh has been canceled as 22 players, including Ricoh players, tested positive for the new coronavirus by the 1st of this month.

It has been decided that Suntory will advance to the semi-finals.

As a result, in the semi-finals, the first match on the 15th of this month will be a match between Panasonic and Toyota Motor Corporation, and the second match on the 16th will be Suntory and Kubota.