In the Tokyo Olympics test tournament held at the National Stadium, the men's 100-meter final was held, and Justin Gatlin of the United States won the championship, and Shuhei Tada was ranked second among the top Japanese athletes.

In addition to Tada who passed the qualifying in the men's 100-meter final, which is the focus of attention in the track and field test tournament, Koike, who has a personal best of 9.98, and other top Japanese athletes, as well as Gatlin, a gold medalist at the Athens Olympics, will also participate. Did.

Aska Cambridge abstained from the final due to a sense of discomfort in his left foot, and Yoshihide Kiryu was disqualified after flying in qualifying.

In the final race, Tada jumped out of a low position at the start, which he was good at, and led Gatlin and others until the end, but he was overtaken by Gatlin just before the finish.

In the windless weather, Gatlin won the championship with a time of 10 seconds and 24 seconds, Tada was second with 10 seconds and 26 seconds, and Koike was third with 10 seconds and 28 seconds.

Tada "I want to win the Japan Championship in this condition"

Shuhei Tada, who finished second in the top Japanese athletes in the men's 100-meter final, said, "I'm regrettable because I was aiming for the championship. However, I feel better every time I play in the third race of the season. I want to be able to win the Japan Championship in this condition. I am grateful for having such a tournament held. I think that the difficult situation will continue, but I want to run well and inspire everyone. " I was talking.

In addition, American Justin Gatlin, who won the championship, said, "I was late at the start, but I was able to calmly race. It was a very nice experience to run at the new national stadium. I want to prepare well. "

The Olympic men's 100m representative battle is finally in full swing

The men's 100-meter dash, which has only three Tokyo Olympics, will be in full swing for the Japan Championships in June, which will be the selection event.

The point is the time of 10 seconds 05, which is the standard participation record for the Tokyo Olympics.

Regarding the selection criteria for the men's 100-meter dash, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations firstly considers those who are 3rd or higher in the Japan Championships and who have met the participation standard record by the end of the competition.

Currently, three players, Sani Brown Abdul Hakim, Yoshihide Kiryu, and Yuki Koike, have broken the standard participation record within the period.

If these three players finish in 3rd place in the Japan Championships, they will be nominated as representatives at that time regardless of the time.

For other athletes, there are still races to break the standard record, including the Japan Championship, but in order to concentrate on the game of being in the third place in the Japan Championship, the race will continue targeting 10 seconds 05 first. I will.

On the other hand, in the selection criteria of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, there is also a pattern in which players who could not break the standard record are selected as representatives by the world ranking, which is scored based on the results in each tournament.

The race on the 9th is an international competition with high points reflected in the world ranking, and the time and ranking in this race will also lead to the selection of the representative of the Olympic Games.

Even when being selected in the world rankings, it is still an important criterion to be in the 3rd place in the Japan Championships, and the battle for the representative selection for the Japan Championships in June, which will be the final selection place, is in full swing. I will continue.

Results of other events

Results of athletics test competitions and other major events.

▽ won the men's 400 meters hurdles Kazuki Kurokawa players 48 seconds 68, second place in 48 seconds 84 of Daiyume Yamauchi player, third in 3 people Tokyo tail alignment of the Toyoda Masaki players of 48 seconds 87

Olympic Games of It was a high-level race that broke the standard participation record.

▽ Men's 110-meter hurdles won by Taio Kanai, who holds the Japanese record at 13:38, and women's 100-meter hurdles, which is close to his own Japanese record of 3/100 seconds, which Asuka Terada marked 10 days ago. I won the championship with a good time.

▽ In the men's 200 meters, Shota Iizuka, who is aiming for the Olympic representative for the third consecutive tournament, won the championship in 20 seconds 48 with a tailwind of 1.4 meters, but he could not break the standard record of participation in the Olympics, which was the goal.

▽ Women's 1500 meters was nominated as a representative at 5000 meters, and Nozomi Tanaka, who is aiming for the Olympics in this event, also participated and won the championship in 4 minutes 9 seconds 10.

▽ In the women's 5000 meters, Kaede Hagitani finished in the top 3rd place of Japanese players with a time of 15 minutes 11 seconds 84. Ririka Hironaka, who has been nominated for the national team at 10,000 meters, was in 4th place, and Hitomi Niiya was in 5th place.

▽ Men's long jump finished in 8th place in the adult world championship, and Yuki Hashioka, who won the first prize as a Japanese player, won the championship at 8 meters and 7 centimeters.

▽ In the men's high jump, Naoto Tobe, the Japanese record holder, won the championship at 2 meters and 30 centimeters alongside the Qatar player who won the gold medal in the world championship.