Tottenham's Son Heung-min scored his 22nd goal in the season and made a new record for his most goals in a season. In the league, he tied the record with legend Cha Bum-geun with 17 goals.

This is Kwon Jong-oh.


Son Heung-min scored a goal for 3 consecutive league games by lightly waving the net with his right foot after receiving a pass from Delhi Ali in the match against Leeds United.

With his 22nd goal in the season, he surpassed his record for the most goals in a season four years ago, and scored his 17th goal in the league alone to tie up with Cha Bum-geun's most goals in the European League 35 years ago at Leverkusen, Germany.

Sohn Heung-min, who wore the Tottenham uniform in 2015, is writing a new history this year.

Earlier in February, after surpassing his most attack points, he left only one to achieve the unprecedented 40, and for the first time in the history of the Tottenham club, he surpassed '10 goals-10 help' for the first time in the history of the team.

In the league's scoring rankings, he also booked the best performance of all time, running third after fellow Kane and Liverpool Salah.

Even in uncomfortable situations such as poor team performance and manager Mourinho's hardship, Son Heung-min is having the best season in his personal record with his performance without ups and downs.

(Video editing: Woo Ki-jung)