• Winner of the derby in Lens, Lille is only two victories away from the title.

  • The northern club is resisting the pressure at the end of the season where it sets new records.

It was the match that the Losc players feared the most. A derby three days from the end with the neighboring Lensois competing for a European qualification. But Lille negotiated as a champion this great turning point at the end of the season (0-3). Helped by an entry penalty (2nd) and the expulsion of Lensois Michelin (35th), Losc has chained a third success in a row in Ligue 1. A victory that brings him closer to the fourth league title in its history. "Today, we made a big step but the hardest part is yet to come", calm Jonathan David, author of the third goal of the Mastiffs.

With two games to play against Saint-Etienne on May 16 and then in Angers on May 23, two teams that have nothing more to play, Lille has more than ever its destiny in hand.

But mistrust, real or overplayed, remains in order.

“What I fear is nervousness.

The closer you get to the goal, the tighter it can be.

We will surely play two teams that will have no stake and will arrive relaxed.

They will play their match without any pressure and want to beat the current leader.

We will prepare with a lot of humility and a lot of concentration ”, assures Christophe Galtier, the coach of a Losc launched in a record season.

Phenomenal Yilmaz

With 79 points on the clock, Lille on Friday beat their historic record for points in Ligue 1. For his part, Mike Maignan signed a 20th game (out of 36) without taking a goal, proof of the incredible solidity of the Northerners. If the northern club is no longer as flamboyant as in the fall, it has in its ranks a phenomenal Burak Yilmaz who splashed his class in the derby with a new double. A peno shot without trembling and especially a monstrous strike from 25 meters in the top corner which will count a lot in the legendary trace that the Turk is leaving in the North. "He is a player who plays without any pressure, who knows this kind of meeting," admires Galtier.

If this continues, we will build a statue with the effigy of Burak!

Lined by @ yilmazburak17 🔥🔥 #DoguesJusquauBout #TousEnsembleAvecLeLosc https://t.co/6YQSAmWHaw

- City of Lille (@lillefrance) May 7, 2021

"We're a surprise and people like it"

With an iron defense and a striker in a state of grace, Losc has everything in store to go and win one of the most amazing titles of recent years.

An incredible outcome that Christophe Galtier, who has never been crowned in Ligue 1, is trying to prepare as well as possible.

“I lived a year as an assistant in Lyon where we won a lot of trophies.

I am inspired by what I have observed in these pressure matches.

I am very focused and I am relaxed because our season is magic for us to make it now exceptional.

We are a surprise and people like it ”recognizes the Lille coach.

All that remains is to succeed in the heist of the century in front of the PSG of Neymar and Mbappé.

The jackpot has never been so close. 


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