Governor Koike said, "Is it a relentless determination to hold the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics?" About the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which took less than three months to be held as the infection of the new coronavirus spreads in Tokyo. I would like to make every effort to open the tournament. "

Governor Koike of Tokyo was asked by reporters at a regular press conference on the 7th, "Is it the unwavering determination to hold the tournament regardless of the infection situation in the summer?"

In response, Governor Koike said, "We are currently taking countermeasures together with the national government and the Organizing Committee. We will continue to make efforts to hold a safe and secure tournament."

When asked, "Many people are worried that medical care and infection conditions will worsen at and before and after the Games. What do you say?" "Vaccine security is very important. And it's not perfect yet, so it's one thing to move forward immediately. "

After that, he said, "I would like to work with you to prevent infection and prevent it. I think it is most important to create a system that gives you peace of mind." I showed my thoughts.