The 12 professional baseball teams have decided to hold an extraordinary executive committee meeting on the 8th to discuss what to do if the government extends the state of emergency.

During the period when the state of emergency is declared, professional baseball holds games at Tokyo Dome, Jingu Stadium, Koshien Stadium, and Kyocera Dome Osaka in the target area without spectators at the request of the government.

At an extraordinary executive committee meeting held on the afternoon of the 7th, the 12 teams began to consider what to do if the government extended the state of emergency.

However, as it is still unclear how the holding of events including professional baseball will be restricted, after waiting for the government's policy decision, it was decided to hold an executive committee again on the 8th to discuss.

At a press conference after the meeting, NPB = Nippon Professional Baseball Secretary-General Atsushi Ihara said, "We have begun to consider how to think about the game schedule of Sakizaki, but we do not see the government's decision on what kind of restrictions it will be. I don't know. At the executive committee of Asahi, we will discuss how to take measures for the match schedule and match execution of Sakizaki if it is extended. "