China News Service, Xinxiang, Henan, May 6th. The "Direct WTT Grand Slam World Table Tennis Championships" and the Olympic simulation competition continued on the 6th. In the men's and women's singles semi-finals, Fan Zhendong and Chen Mengshun, both ranked first in the world Promotion.

However, the mixed doubles competition continued the "chaotic" situation, and the main players of the national table tennis were all out of the game. The two dark horse combinations Matt/Liu Fei and Zhou Yu/Chen Xing joined the finals.

  In the women's singles semifinals that took the lead on the 6th, the world number one Chen Meng defeated former world number one Zhu Yuling 4:1, who swept Liu Shiwen 0:4 in the quarter-finals.

  After the "one round tour" of the mixed doubles competition, Fan Zhendong showed the king's style in the singles arena. He won all 3 games in the group stage and was the only player who did not lose a game in the men's singles group stage.

In the semifinals, Fan Zhendong defeated Wang Chuqin, the new generation leader of the national table tennis team and the "post-00" teenager, 4:2.

  The mixed doubles competition in this competition was in a "chaotic battle" from beginning to end.

In the first round of the contest (1/8 finals), Fan Zhendong and the "post-00" teenager Qian Tianyi formed an upset partner, defeating the chipping combination Matt/Liu Fei 0:4.

In the quarter-finals, the two champions Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen and Wang Chuqin/Wang Manyu both lost to Zhou Yu/Chen Xingtong and Lin Gaoyuan/Zhang Rui respectively by 2:4.

  In the mixed doubles semifinals on the 6th, Matt/Liu Fei took the lead against Liang Jingkun/Sun Yingsha.

Facing the two national team stars, the former staged an epic reversal under the adversity of 1:3 backward, and finally won 3 games in a row and advanced to the final 4:3.

  In another semi-final in the evening, the Asian Championship champion Zhou Yu/Chen Xingtong, who upset Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen in the quarter-finals, was still strong, defeating Lin Gaoyuan/Zhang Rui 4:3 and became a horse. Te/Liu Fei's opponent in the final.

  In the singles final on the 7th, Fan Zhendong will face the winner between Ma Long and Zhou Qihao; Chen Meng will compete with the winner of the battle between Wang Yidi and Sun Yingsha for the women's singles championship.

  This competition uses a points system for ranking.

According to the rules, the player with the highest total points in singles will be eligible for the Houston World Table Tennis Championships; the U18 player with the first total points, the top two U22 players in the total points, and the top 5 players in the total points will win the WTT Slam pass qualification.

At the same time, the mixed doubles champion will also receive a pass ticket to the WTT Grand Slam.

In addition, the top 16 players in singles total points will be eligible for this year's China Table Tennis Super League.