A special prosecutor investigating FIFA President Gianni Infantino was removed from the case by a Swiss federal court on Wednesday.

The Swiss had requested the judge to let Stefan Keller resign because he would be prejudiced.

Keller's investigation concerns dubious 2016 and 2017 encounters between Infantino and Michael Lauber, the former head of the federal prosecutor's office.

At the time, he was investigating corruption within FIFA.

Lauber was removed from the case in June 2019, because his meetings with Infantino were kept secret and not documented.

In July 2020, Keller then began his investigation of Infantino.

According to the Swiss court, the press releases from his office may give the impression that he is not objective.

Keller was then removed from the case.

FIFA calls investigation 'ridiculous and unfair'

FIFA already expressed harsh criticism of the Infantino investigation in August.

"No description of the alleged criminal behavior has been communicated to us. Therefore, it is all a bit ludicrous and dishonest," said Deputy Secretary General Alasdair Bell.

Infantino denied all charges against him at the time.

He called the meetings with Lauber "perfectly legal" in a statement.

"It's not a violation of anything."

Although Special Prosecutor Keller has been removed from the case, the investigation into Infantino continues.

It is not known when a judgment will follow.

Bell has already said that he is 100 percent convinced that there will be no charges against his boss.