Mark Selby took his joyful daughter in his arms, then he was presented with the silver world championship trophy in the presence of snooker boss Barry Hearn.

He proudly presented the trophy in front of 990 fans when the confetti came from the ceiling of the cramped Crucible Theater.

"That's incredible.

It's a tough tournament, you always have to give it your all.

When I won the first time, it was a dream - it's still a dream, ”said the 37-year-old Englishman after beating fellow countryman Shaun Murphy at 18:15 in the final.

After 2014, 2016 and 2017, Selby has now regained the throne.

“I had dark days a few years ago.

My family knows what I've been through, ”said“ The Jester from Leicester ”late Monday night.

In the past 17 days he forgot about sporting lows, with a dominant tournament performance he beat three ex-world champions in a row in Mark Williams (Wales), Stuart Bingham (England) and Murphy.

Selby thanks the audience


The World Cup runner-up congratulated them warmly and with full recognition.

“It's like granite.

Unfortunately, I've known him since we were nine years old.

I started well, but then he switched on hard mode, ”said Murphy, who won his first and so far only world title in 2005.

His race to catch up on Monday almost led to a spectacular turnaround, but in the 33rd frame Selby won the game.

Mark Selby defeated fellow countryman Shaun Murphy in the final

Source: AP / Zac Goodwin

The backdrop, which was reminiscent of earlier times before the start of the Corona crisis, made the players and organizers very happy.

“A big thank you to all the fans who have come here in the past 17 days - to every single one.

Sport is nothing without the fans, ”said Murphy.

The audience “an inspiration”.

The Snooker World Cup was selected as a model project by the British government to test the return of spectators in professional sport. More and more fans were allowed during the tournament, and every seat could be filled for the final. All spectators were tested in advance and wore a mask in the hall.