Every day, Anicet Mbida makes us discover an innovation that could well change the way we consume.

This Tuesday, he is interested in fitness furniture, so that apartments or houses do not look like gyms.

The innovation of the day should be of interest to all those who exercise in their living room.

It is decorative furniture, all that is more ordinary, but which hide fitness equipment.

We will really have the impression of seeing a decorative object.

There is for example a very simple stool with a central leg.

But by pressing a button, it unlocks.

This allows you to do seated squats up and down, with several levels of resistance.

There is also a cushion, again very classic, but with a spring inside that must be contracted or stretched to work the arms or the inner thighs.

There are a dozen pieces of furniture or accessories: ottomans for doing sit-ups, low tables for stretching or small weighted cushions that turn into dumbbells.

Dumbbell cushions?

It is still limited.

We cannot do the same exercises as in a gym.

It is not the goal.

The goal is rather to encourage us to take them as soon as we have five minutes, to do one or two pull-ups while watching TV, for example.

Each piece of furniture is also delivered with a video tutorial with all the possible exercises.

Of course, we are not at the high level.

Rather in the maintenance of shape.

And is it expensive?

Not too much, around fifty euros a stool.

We stay in the prices of classic decorative objects.

Strangely, it was a sports equipment manufacturer who developed this furniture. The Japanese Mizumo that we know more for his sneakers. And that's indicative of a trend. You may have noticed: the design of exercise bikes and rowing machines is evolving. They fit better with interiors. It is true that not many of us can dedicate an entire room to the gym. Usually, it ends up in the living room.