UEFA, the football body in charge of European competitions, on Tuesday authorized the teams that will play the next Euro in June to establish a list of 26 players, against 23 in normal times.

The justification for this decision is the risk of contamination with Covid-19.

Only 23 players will be on the scoresheet for each game.

UEFA on Tuesday authorized the teams playing the next Euro (June 11-July 11) to summon 26 players instead of the usual 23, to face the risks of Covid-19 contamination and quarantine.

On the other hand, only 23 players will have to appear on the score sheet "for each meeting", specifies the European body in a press release, the selectors being able to adjust this list during the tournament thanks to the three additional players.

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Replacements always possible for the guards in the event of "physical incapacity"

The coaches have until June 1 to submit their list of 26 to UEFA. But between that date and their first match, they will be able to freely replace a player in the event of "serious injury or illness", medically certified.

"For the sake of clarity, players who have tested positive for Covid-19" or those who have been placed in solitary confinement as a "contact case" fall under the category of "serious illness", adds UEFA.


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In addition, the goalkeepers could be replaced before each match "in the event of physical incapacity, even if one or two goalkeepers of the list are still available", decided the executive committee.

Claimed by several coaches in the face of the risk that the pandemic decimates their workforce, this expansion of the main list is unprecedented since the national teams went from 22 to 23 players, during the 2001 Confederations Cup.