In early May, the Japanese national volleyball team held an online press conference ahead of the match against China, which will be the first match against an overseas team in about one year and seven months, and Yuichi Nakagaichi said, "I want to win first. I'm looking forward to a play that raises each other while competing for positions. "

The Japanese national volleyball team has been holding a training camp since this month, and on the 26th, they held an online interview and responded to the press coverage.

The Japanese national team will play against China on May 1st and 2nd at the Ariake Arena, which will be the venue for the Tokyo Olympics.

It is the first time in about one year and seven months that the Japanese men's national team will play against overseas teams, and Nakagaichi said, "It will be a valuable player selection place for the Tokyo Olympics. I'm looking forward to a good play. "

21-year-old Yuji Nishida, who is expected to play an active role in the Olympics, said, "I want to be a leader of the team and a person who can reassure the team. It has reached 127 kilometers, so I would like to improve the accuracy from now on. "

In addition, Yuki Ishikawa, who will be the captain of the Japanese national team from this season, has not returned from Italy, where his team is located, so he talked about his enthusiasm for the Olympics in a pre-recorded video message. I want to bring energy and vitality to the world through this. I believe that the Tokyo Olympics will lead to a bright society. As a captain, I will work on strengthening with determination. "