Chinanews Client, April 27th. On the evening of the 26th Beijing time, the FIVB official website announced that the Dutch men's volleyball team will replace the Chinese men's volleyball team in the 2021 men's volleyball national league.

Screenshot of FIVB announcement

  According to the announcement, due to the travel restrictions caused by the new crown epidemic and the 14-day quarantine policy, the Chinese Volleyball Association (CVA) has decided to withdraw from the national league this season. The FIVB respects the decision of the Chinese Volleyball Association.

  The FIVB said that in view of the overall strength of the Dutch team's sports and the commercial potential of the country's volleyball, they will be invited to participate in the competition.

  Earlier, the FIVB had announced that the 2021 volleyball national league will be held in the Italian coastal city of Rimini, in the form of a safe bubble to ensure the safety of athletes.

According to the announced competition system, each of the 16 male and female teams will play 15 round-robin matches, and the top four teams will enter the finals.