Chinanews client, April 26th, 26th Beijing time, in the second round of the 2021 Snooker World Championships, China's "only seedling" Yan Bingtao won four games with Murphy in the second stage to bite the score, temporarily 6: 10 behind.

Data map: Yan Bingtao in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Kun

  As soon as the second stage came up, Murphy continued his excellent state and took two consecutive games.

After that, Yan Bingtao began to counterattack. In the 11th game, Yan Bingtao failed to score the lipstick ball left by Murphy. Murphy's 15-point attack was interrupted.

Yan Bingtao scored 6 points and the two continued to defend. Yan Bingtao's cue ball fell into the pocket and was fined 4 points. Murphy scored the red ball and made a mistake in the pocket blue ball. Yan Bingtao fully used it and cleared the table with one 100 points. 106:20 Catch up with a round.

  In the 12th inning, Murphy didn't score a red ball in the attack. Yan Bingtao attacked continuously, turning 50 points into the defense.

Murphy scored 17 points for the long platform, and the result was a large-angle black ball error.

Yan Bingtao scored another 64 points on a single stroke and chased another round with 4:8 at 114:17.

  In the 13th game after the break, Yan Bingtao missed the opportunity after getting started. Murphy scored 54 points and won 65:30.

In the 14th game, Yan Bingtao seized the opportunity and scored 70 points on a single stroke to chase another game with 75:1.

In the 15th inning, Murphy started several times and maintained the lead with 78:0 zero seals.

In the 16th inning, Yan Bingtao did not allow the difference to be further widened. He started with 58 points on a single stroke and finished the second stage of the contest with a total score of 102:5 and 6:10 behind.