Chinanews Client, April 25th. In the early morning of the 25th, Beijing time, in the second round of the 2021 World Snooker Championships, Chinese player Yan Bingtao played against Murphy. In the first stage of the contest between the two sides, Yan Bingtao played poorly with 2: 6 is temporarily behind.

Data map: Yan Bingtao in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Kun

  In the opening stage, Murphy felt hot. In the first three rounds, he scored two shots and broke a hundred to get a 3:0 lead. In the fourth round, Yan Bingtao pulled back one round with 88 points on a single shot.

  After the intermission, Yan Bingtao still had a bad hand. Murphy won the ball in a row and got a 6:1 lead. In the eighth game, Murphy made a mistake after getting 30 points. Yan Bingtao took the opportunity to hit a single shot. 101 points to win the eighth game, the first stage ended, Yan Bingtao temporarily trailed 2:6.

  In the other games that have ended, Robertson eliminated Lisowski 13:9, Karen Wilson defeated Hawkins 13:10, and Mark Williams defeated Higgins 13:7 to advance to the next round.