Sanne Wevers spoke on Sunday about difficult circumstances in which she won silver on the beam at the European Gymnastics Championships in Basel.

The situation surrounding her father and coach Vincent Wevers, who is not allowed to go to the Olympic Games next summer, also plays a role.

"At this stage it is really cool that I am taking silver here. It feels like a boost, I am really happy," said Wevers, who had to leave the gold on the part in which she is reigning Olympic champion to the French Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos.

Wevers did not speak out about the sanction against her father in Basel.

Vincent Wevers is one of the coaches who is under investigation at the Institute of Sports Justice for possible transgressive behavior towards gymnasts in the past.

Gymnastiekbond KNGU decided, in order to prevent unrest about the selection, that the gymnasts will be led by a new coaching duo at the next Olympics in Tokyo.

Wevers now mainly described the difficult circumstances as the absence of matches for a long time and the fact that she had to be the first on the beam.

"You have to get into your focus very quickly, be sharp right away. But I do like challenges."

It is the second time that Wevers has won a European Championship medal, after she was crowned European champion in 2018 in Glasgow.

The European Championships in St. Jakobshalle are the first international tournament in more than a year for the Dutch gymnasts.