Tomomi Usawa, who has been nominated as a representative in the artificial limbs class, jumped 4 meters and 56 centimeters in the women's long jump of the "Japan Para Tournament" where top track and field athletes aiming for the Tokyo Paralympics gathered, breaking her own Asian record and winning the championship. Did.

Usawa is 22 years old from Ibaraki prefecture.

When I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, I lost my left leg due to a disease called osteosarcoma, and with the decision to hold the Tokyo Paralympics, I started full-scale track and field in the artificial limb class.

He won the bronze medal at the first world championship, and has already been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Paralympics.

On the 25th, she participated in the women's long jump and artificial limb class at the "Japan Para Tournament" on para-athletics held in Takamatsu City.

In the headwind, Rabbit Sawa set his own Asian record of 12 centimeters from the first jump, setting a new record of 4 meters and 56 centimeters.

Even in the subsequent jumps, he showed a stable jump such as marking 4 meters and 44 centimeters, which is on par with the Asian record, and won the championship, and the young man aiming to win a medal at the Tokyo Paralympics showed a good finish.

Usawa "I want to reach the production in the best condition"

Tomomi Usawa, who broke her own Asian record in the women's long jump prosthesis class, said, "I'm glad I was able to set my personal best even in the headwind and I think I could have improved the record in the tailwind. I think the reason why I was able to keep a record was that I was able to improve. "

On top of that, he said, "I started the competition because I participated in the Tokyo Paralympics, so I hope that it will be held, but I want to prepare as much as possible and reach the actual performance in the best condition so that everyone will support me a lot." Shown.