He looks happy and in his photo he also put the two things in the picture that are obviously most important to him in life.

Golf superstar Tiger Woods posted a photo of himself on the Internet for the first time after his serious car accident at the end of February.

The 15-time major winner posted a picture on his Instagram account showing him smiling with crutches next to his dog Bugs on his golf course under construction.

Master on crutches: Tiger Woods and Buddy Bugs

Source: Tiger Woods

His right leg is in a splint up to the knee.

“My course is progressing faster than me,” wrote the 45-year-old.

"But it's nice to have a loyal rehab partner, a man's best friend."

Tiger Woods suffered severe leg injuries


Woods had lost control of his car in the self-inflicted traffic accident in a suburb of Los Angeles and rolled over several times.

According to the sheriff in charge, Woods drove almost twice as fast as allowed before the accident - 84 to 87 miles per hour (around 134 to 140 km / h).

In the accident, the long-time number one in the golf world sustained severe leg injuries and was subsequently operated on several times.

Woods left the hospital in mid-March and has been rehabilitating at home in Florida ever since.