Major League Baseball pitcher Yu Darvish won his second win of the season with Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw on the 23rd.

Darvish started on the 23rd in the 5th day of the match against the Dodgers in his opponent's hometown, Los Angeles.

The opponent pitcher is Dodgers' ace and car show pitcher who has won the Cy Young Award three times in the past following the pitching on the 17th of this month, and Darvish was the losing pitcher in the previous match.

In one match, pitcher Yu Darvish struggled to control, and after inviting a one-out first base and third base and a pinch with a two-base hit and a walk, he lost one point with a timely hit, but his teammates hit twice. When he caught up with the tie, he won one point in the third inning and supported pitcher Darvish.

After that, pitcher Darvish tightened the key points and did not allow a goal, and in the 6th inning, he struck out three times in a row with a changing ball and a fastball over 150 km, and he got better every time.

In the 7th inning with a 2-point lead, he was 1 out, 1st base and 2nd base, but he did not allow a hit and got off the mound by suppressing this time.

Darvish pitched 96 balls by the 7th inning, hitting 4 hits and struck out 9 strikeouts, scoring 1 goal.

In the match, Padres won 6 to 1 and Darvish pitched over Kershaw to win his second win of the season.