Of the test competitions for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, it has been decided that all seven competitions scheduled in Tokyo during the period when the state of emergency is issued to Tokyo will be held without spectators.

The test tournament for the Tokyo tournament is held at the actual venue in order to identify management issues and rehearse the tournament, and seven tournaments are scheduled by next month 11th in Tokyo.

Of these, volleyball, swimming diving, and athletics were considered to be held with spectators.

However, in response to the decision to declare a state of emergency in four prefectures including Tokyo, the volleyball test tournament to be held on the 1st and 2nd of next month at "Ariake Arena" in Koto Ward will be unattended on the 23rd. It was announced that it will be held at.

In addition, the diving test tournament, which is scheduled from the 1st to the 6th of next month at the "Tokyo Aquatics Center" in Koto Ward, which also serves as the final qualifying for the Olympic Games, has already been decided to be held without spectators.

In addition, Australia, which was planning to participate in this tournament, canceled the dispatch of athletes for safety reasons.

In this regard, the Australian Federation of Diving said, "It has become clear that it is not safe to send athletes and officers in the last few weeks. At this time, it is impossible to conduct a fair and safe Olympic final qualifying. It ’s our position. ”

The Organizing Committee also announced that it will hold an athletics test tournament at the National Stadium on the 9th of next month without spectators on the night of the 23rd.

In the series of test tournaments, the aim was to guide the spectators and check the measures against corona, but due to the fact that the event was forced to be held without spectators, there were still issues for the tournament, which was approaching three months later.

Meanwhile, the postponed bicycle BMX test tournament will be held on the 17th of next month.