While Munich was confirmed as the host city of the Euro on Friday, the German Football Association (DFB) cast doubt on the presence of supporters at the Allianz Arena this summer, saying there would be "maybe "From the public, thereby tempering the words of UEFA, which are much more affirmative on the issue.

According to the European body, Munich has promised to receive at least 14,500 people per match, and therefore keeps thanks to this commitment the four meetings planned in Bavaria, including the Germany-France shock expected from the pools on June 15.

DFB dampens UEFA's enthusiasm

But a few minutes after the UEFA announcement, the DFB president spoke differently: "We are delighted" to host matches in Munich, he said, "perhaps even in front of the public, if the development of the pandemic allows it ”.

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, has suffered severe restrictions since the start of the pandemic, and Bayern Munich are even the only Bundesliga team to never have hosted a single spectator this season, when all the others had partially opened their stages in early fall.


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