Masanori Miyamoto, who is aiming to win a medal in the weightlifting men's 73 kg class of the Tokyo Olympics, finished third in the Asian Championship, which was the last international tournament before the Olympics.

24-year-old Miyamoto is aiming to win a medal at the Tokyo Olympics as he continues to grow, marking a total of 345 kg, which is equivalent to the 4th place of the adult world championship at last year's All Japan Championship.

Before the Olympics, Miyamoto participated in the men's 73 kg class of the Asian Championships held in Uzbekistan on the 20th as the last international competition.

In the "snatch" that raises the barbell all at once, the third 150km was the best, and at this point it was fourth.

In the subsequent "Jerk", where the barbell was lifted to the shoulder and then lifted above the head, the first 185 kg was given, but the second and third 188 kg failed.

Miyamoto finished third with a total of 335 kg.

However, the record did not reach his own Japanese record by 10 kilometers, and he failed three times out of six attempts, leaving a problem in his sense of stability.

The maximum number of weightlifting representatives for the Tokyo Olympics is "4" for each country and man and woman, and the Japanese representative will be selected based on the results of international competitions including this time after the final number of slots has been decided. It has become.