The 20th of the second day of the Tokyo Olympic torch relay held in Kochi Prefecture started in Nankoku City.

The torch will then travel around the eastern part of the prefecture and reach the goal in Kochi City on the night of the 20th.

The 20th, the second day of the torch relay in the prefecture, started in Nankoku City, and the first runner and doctor, Ningai Eda, started running after 8 am.

In Nankoku City, a total of 10 runners connected the torch under the clear blue sky and received applause from the people watching along the road.

Mr. Eda, the first runner, said, "I was sick in college and gave up my dream of becoming a doctor, but I was able to make my dream come true with the support of the people around me, so I want to convey the feeling that if I don't give up, my dream will come true. I ran. "

In the next section, Kitagawa Village, a torchbearer ran in the park of the tourist attraction "Monet's Garden" that reproduced the world view of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet's garden.

After this, the torch relay will be held mainly in the eastern part of the prefecture such as Muroto City and Aki City from the afternoon, and the goal of the torch relay in the prefecture will be reached in Kochi City.

The goal of Kochi City is scheduled for 7:30 pm, and an event will be held at "Central Park" to celebrate the arrival of the torch.