12 football giants create their own UEFA Super League

  ■ Twelve top European clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, etc. announced their "self-reliance" in the early morning of April 19. They have reached an agreement to create a new league, the European Super League.

Real Madrid chairman Florentino served as the first chairman of the Premier League.

  ■ The European Super League is officially established, but UEFA and FIFA will never give up. They are likely to impose a heavy penalty on participating teams and players.

La Liga may cancel the La Liga this season due to the announcement of the European Super League.

  ■ What is the UEFA Super League?

Whose cake did it touch?

Why should UEFA and FIFA jointly "strangle" it, who can win this battle?

  The first 12 clubs to "settle" in the European Super League

  Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham

  Where does the new league come from?

  Under the epidemic, Americans want to take over European elite football

  Since 1998, European giants have been preparing to set up new competitions against the UEFA Champions League on many occasions. Before this, there was no answer to the opposition.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the incomes of the major European giants have generally fallen sharply and have fallen into a huge dilemma. In this context, the European Super League has become a shortcut for the football giants to "group together".

  According to the British "Daily Mail", the concept of the European Premier League is a product of the idea of ​​Real Madrid president Florentino and the American bosses of Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

American banking giant JP Morgan Chase will provide 4.6 billion pounds (approximately 41.4 billion yuan) in debt financing for the league, which will be secured by future broadcast income.

  In the plan, the founding clubs will share an infrastructure allocation of 3.1 billion pounds, and each club will receive income ranging from 89 million pounds to 310 million pounds.

  "Daily Mail" stated that the UEFA Super League also represents the American takeover of European elite football.

  The official statement of the UEFA Super League stated that there will be a total of 20 clubs participating in the first Premier League, including 15 founding clubs and 5 other outstanding teams from the previous season.

All matches are played in the middle of the week, and all clubs participating in the Super League continue to participate in their home league.

  "This epidemic shows that there must be a strategic vision and the use of commercial means to create value and benefit the pyramid of the entire football world. The founding club believes that the solution proposed by the regulator cannot solve the fundamental problem, that is, to provide high-quality matches, and Gain more wealth for the entire football world."

  Whose cake was moved?

  This is a protest against the restructuring of the Champions League or makes European football more divided between the rich and the poor

  According to the original plan, UEFA will officially announce on April 19, local time, that the UEFA Champions League restructuring plan will be implemented from 2024. The UEFA Champions League will be expanded from 32 teams to 36 teams.

The sudden action of 12 giant clubs was seen as a pressure on UEFA and it moved the cake of the UEFA Champions League's gold medal match.

  According to statistics, the UEFA Champions League valuation is about 17.9 billion US dollars.

However, in recent years, the large number of participating teams and uneven strength have made the commercial value of the event continue to decline.

  According to the estimates of The Times, the permanent founding clubs of the UEFA Champions League can receive at least 130 million to 230 million pounds in bonuses per season, while the 2019-2020 UEFA Champions League champions Bayern Munich will only receive 129 million euros in the UEFA Champions League.

Obviously, the European Super League is more attractive to giants.

  Not only the Champions League, but also the European leagues are facing huge challenges.

The declining internal competitiveness of the five major European leagues is also a catalyst for this change.

Throughout the five major leagues, the script of the rule of the giants has made it increasingly difficult for domestic leagues to rely on suspense to attract fans, and the broadcast revenue of the giants has also encountered bottlenecks.

The UEFA Super League, which brings together the five major league giants, will get more attention and exposure due to more exciting confrontations.

  It is worth noting that the UEFA Super League will surely make the gap between the rich and the poor in European football more serious and the polarization problem more prominent.

Shevchenko, the current head coach of the Ukrainian national team, has publicly expressed his concern, “It will only benefit elite teams and elite football countries. Football will not develop in a country like Ukraine.”

  It is forbidden to participate in the national league and the European war, related players are prohibited from participating in FIFA events, litigation claims...

  How will UEFA and others jointly "strangle"?

  A few hours before the official announcement of the UEFA Super League, UEFA, the three major leagues of England, Spain and Italy, and the Football Association officially stated that if the team participates in the UEFA Super League, the team will be banned from participating in the national league and the European war, and players will not be able to Represent the national team in FIFA events.

According to BBC reports, UEFA will suspend the ongoing UEFA Champions League and the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup in response to the creation of the UEFA Super League.

Spain’s “Aspen” said that La Liga may cancel the La Liga this season because of the announcement of the European Super League.

  The plan for the Premier League even alarmed many heads of state. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the European Premier League, which is the top 6 of the Premier League, is “infinitely harmful to football”.

The Bundesliga and French Ligue 1 teams such as Bayern, Dortmund and Paris did not participate in the Super League. They all expressed their support for UEFA and rejected the invitation to the UEFA Super League.

French President Macron stated: “We welcome the French club’s refusal to participate in the UEFA Super League project, which threatens the principles of unity and sports value.”

  Not only that, UEFA will also initiate a lawsuit against these teams, claiming even more than 50 billion euros.

As early as the beginning of this year, FIFA has officially stated that it does not recognize the UEFA Super League. Infantino claimed that players who participated in the UEFA Super League will not be eligible to participate in FIFA and all competitions under the league of all continents, including the World Cup and Europe. Cup, America’s Cup, etc.

FIFA tried to start with the players and disrupt the formation of the UEFA Super League.

  This time the European football gods fight will inevitably have a violent shock to the original football power.

It is worth mentioning that in the context of the joint "strangulation" of major associations, the European Super League still persists in its establishment, which also reflects their determination to change the day.

  As Real Madrid President Florentino said, “We will help football in all aspects and let it reach its place in the world. Football is the only global sport in the world with more than 4 billion fans. Our big club Its responsibility is to respond to its thirst."

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Hu Minjuan