• Paris Saint-Germain refused to take part in the Super League project.

  • Its president, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, remains loyal to UEFA, and poses as the leader of the resistance.

  • A revenge for PSG, not always appreciated at the table of the greats of Europe

A solemn - even grandiloquent - atmosphere on Tuesday morning at the UEFA Congress, where boss Alexander Ceferin did not hesitate to use beautiful formulas to greet his allies in the war declared the day before by the 12 putschists of the Super League. There was something for everyone: Bayern Munich under Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, appointed head of the ECA to succeed the traitor Agnelli, of course, but also Paris Saint-Germain and OL. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Nasser [Al-Khelaïfi]," Ceferin said. You have shown that you are a great man and that you respect football and its values. The same goes for Jean-Michel Aulas (OL), who is here today. Thanks for coming. You are leaders that the supporters of your clubs are fortunate to have. »New victory for France in football,we are waiting for the third star on the jersey.

Note all the same that there is necessarily a little more for Nasser, already perfectly seated in an employee of the month's chair that we imagined badly coming back to him for all the evil that could be said at the same table on his PSG, upstart pseudo-threat without consideration for the rules of the market and the sacrosanct history of European football.

So many reasons that could have tipped the Qatari leader to the dark side of the oligarchy and give him some merit in remaining in the camp for good, whatever Florentino Pérez says.

In an irrational intervention at the Chiringuito on Monday, the president of Real Madrid was trying to make anyone believe that he had not invited Paris and Bayern - the last two finalists of the C1 - to his anyway. table.

Well let's see.

The irony of history pleases Parisian supporters

Returned to the UEFA executive committee in Montreux on Tuesday, Al-Khelaïfi remained silent for a long time, with this silence that feeds myths, leaving others the leisure to sing his praises. Starting with the candid fringe of Paris Saint-Germain supporters, “proud” like Florian, “that it comes from Nasser. We talk about Qatar for all the money, but now he becomes the spokesperson for old-fashioned football ”.

“It's ironic, abounds Kevin, also a Parisian supporter. And we take a certain pride in this irony. Yes there is the money, but we manage to keep this authentic side. “Values ​​that NAK has also preferred to associate with PSG rather than with its own name when formalizing its opposition to dissent. “Paris Saint-Germain firmly believes that football is a sport for everyone. I have been consistent on this point from the very beginning. It should be remembered that as a football club, we are a family and a community, whose heart is made up of our supporters. We must remember this. "

But in this tale where there are certainly bad guys, it is not said that there are good guys. And even within the Parisian public, not all are ready to swallow the fable of the valiant knight Nasser, some will even recall that the boss worked until the last second in favor of the reform of the Champions League, not sexy for a penny, and which we now know will be effective in 2024. Bruno, another Parisian supporter out of our hat, refuses to call Al-Khelaïfi a demago but is not fooled as to his ambiguous role.

“He has a triple cap.

First, he maintains an economic posture because he is president of beIN and he therefore has no interest in seeing the C1 devalue or explode in flight.

Secondly, it is gaining ground within the European institutions and it is important to know how to position yourself well when a place opens up like this.

Of three, as president of PSG he seems to be waiting.


Former player of the house now consultant for Europe 1, Jimmy Algérino adds the dimension of the 2022 World Cup to this pile of caps.

“We know the ties that Qatar has with UEFA, via Paris Saint-Germain.

We also know the efforts made by Fifa to award the World Cup to Qatar.

There is a form of respect between the three, that's why it doesn't shock me.


UEFA strikes back

The political positioning of NAK, halfway between the interests of Ceferin which he has hard won the confidence of and those of a new world able to continue to grow the PSG brand are perhaps the key to a hypothetical exit crisis. Algérino: “He tries to bring everyone together at European level. He was also the one who discussed the change between Mediapro and Canal +. This corresponds to the attitude of Qatar to be in the negotiations, to have this competence to discuss. "

A weapon that will not deprive the boss of UEFA, who tries by all means to rally at least some of the rebels to his cause to derail everything.

"You made a huge mistake [but] everyone makes mistakes," he shouted in an appeal to the opposition Tuesday morning.

There is still time to change your mind.

And if diplomacy through morality does not bear fruit, that through money remains possible.

According to Bloomberg and RMC, UEFA is preparing a counterattack to propose a new Champions League, which it is working on with an investment fund.

Starting budget: 4.5 billion euros, which, it is said, could go up to 7 billion.

It makes you think.


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