The Professional Volleyball V League has successfully completed the 2020-2021 season and entered the offseason.

The biggest concern is the founding of the 7th women's club and the achievement of'volleyball empress' Kim Yeon-kyung.

On the 19th, the V-League held an awards ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel in Seoul to wrap up the regular league.

Jung Ji-seok, who led Korean Air's combined championship, was the MVP of the men's division, and Kim Yeon-kyung of Heungkuk Life was honored with the MVP.

Kim Yeon-kyung is the second ever

regular league MVP from the women's non-winning team

, following Chung Dae-young (then Hyundai E&C) in 2005.

Kim Yeon-kyung won 14 out of 31 reporters' votes, but the difference from second place Lee So-young (Ginseng Corporation) was only 2 votes. As the votes were scattered among GS Caltex's triangular flight teams, So-young Lee (12 votes), Lutz (3 votes), and So-Hwi Kang (1 vote), which won the'three crowns', Kim Yeon-kyung enjoyed a reflective profit. Kim Yeon-kyung won the regular league MVP for three consecutive seasons from the 2005-2006 season during Heungkuk Life's days to the 2007-2008 season. This award has been in 13 years and is the fourth in my personal career.

"In fact, I didn't expect the award," said Kim Yeon-kyung, saying, "I was thinking about who would get it because Lee So-young did so well this season.

People around me say,'Can't I get it?' “It’s not strange if anyone receives it,

” he said. He added, "It wasn't easy to get an MVP, but I'm happy, and I'll show a good look in the future responsibly."

Kim Yeon-kyung returned to the domestic stage last year as it was difficult to play overseas due to the Corona 19 crisis.

With the addition of Kim Yeon-kyung to Heungkuk Life, where the national twins Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young are sisters, the nickname of ‘Uh Woo-heung’ (Heungkuk Life’s winner is Heungkuk Life Insurance).

However, as the controversy over the abuse of the twin sisters arose, Heungkuk Life crashed and allowed GS Caltex to win the reversal.

Kim Yeon-kyung soothed the regret of runner-up with an MVP trophy.

Upon returning, Kim Yeon-kyung signed a one-year contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance.

With the end of the one-year contract,

all interest was focused on Kim Yeon-kyung's next move.

At the press conference after the awards ceremony, there were many questions about the future.

Kim Yeon-kyung replied, "I'm sorry that I can't tell you something because there's not been a decision yet, but since I still have a lot of time, I'll think slowly and think about Geochwi."

Re-entry to overseas leagues and stay in Korea...

What is Kim Yeon-kyung's next move?

It is known that Kim Yeon-kyung is having a lot of troubles.

First of all, we

are weighing the re-entry to overseas leagues and staying in Korea


Coach Labarini, who leads the women's volleyball team, is getting various information, including introducing overseas teams, and the key is the end of the Corona 19 crisis.

If Corona 19 seldom subsides, Kim Yeon-kyung may choose to stay in Korea again.

If he chooses to stay in Korea, Kim Yeon-kyung has to jump one more season at Heungkuk Life Insurance. Professional volleyball has to run six seasons to get free agency status, and Kim Yeon-kyung has played five seasons at Heungkuk Life Insurance, including this season. An official at Heungkuk Life Insurance said, "We haven't talked about it first because we are still thinking about going overseas and staying in Korea. If Kim Yeon-kyung chooses to stay in Korea, we will of course treat him the best."

There is also a new team variable here. Women's volleyball with Kim Yeon-kyung was the most popular of all time this season. Driven by that momentum, the 7th women's volleyball team was established on the 20th. The second financial sector, Pepper Savings Bank, is the protagonist. The founding of the women's volleyball team has been 10 years since IBK Industrial Bank (foundation approval was 2010) in 2011. It is known that the new team Pepper Savings Bank wishes to recruit Kim Yeon-kyung. However, since Heungkuk Life Insurance has the right to hold Kim Yeon-kyung, it cannot be hurried.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, "I think it's good news to have a 7th club after I return. The players and all the volleyball players are happy." "I spared the words. He added, "Honestly, I don't think there is anything I want to do yet. There are parts to look at in various ways, so I'll take a look and decide carefully."

First of all, Kim Yeon-kyung plans to focus on the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in July.

He said, "As a volleyball player, I have a lot of responsibility. I hope that the people will overcome difficult times through women's volleyball. I want to get good results by preparing well for the Tokyo Olympics. Currently, I only think about the Olympics." It.

Kim Yeon-kyung did not forget to thank her fans.




grateful if I could be here if there were no fans with a feeling

like'Tell me

what to do.' Thank you!"

(Photo = Courtesy of KOVO, Yonhap News)