Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin, the owner of SSG Landers, is showing extraordinary affection for the baseball team every day.

Vice-Chairman Jung posted a picture of his professional baseball KBO League SSG home uniform on his social media yesterday (18th) and introduced that he was frustrated when he heard that it was Halloween costume.

Vice Chairman Jeong wore a uniform top and bottom, as well as underwear, socks, and baseball shoes.

Former Major Leaguer Park Chan-ho commented,'Are you the designated hitter?

Or are you a relief pitcher?'

Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin said that after completing the acquisition of the baseball team in February, when a uniform comes out, he will wear the number 24 symbolizing the convenience store E-Mart 24 along with his name.

In addition, I promised my fans that if I win 10 consecutive wins, I will play verse.

SSG is tied for fourth out of 10 clubs with 7-6 losses this season.

The record for the most consecutive wins this season is 2 consecutive wins.

(Photo = Instagram capture by Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin, Yonhap News)