A still little-known sport in France, MotoGP is counting on the brilliant performances of the two French riders Fabio Quartararo and Johann Zarco to gain notoriety and media coverage in the country.

This Sunday, Fabio Quartararo also won his second consecutive Grand Prix of the season in Portimao, Portugal.

This Sunday in Portimao, Portugal, French rider Fabio Quartararo, on his Yamaha, won solo his second motorcycle Grand Prix of the season.

Already winner in Qatar two weeks ago, Fabio Quartararo took the lead in the MotoGP World Championship after three races with a 15-point lead.

Until now, another Frenchman, Johann Zarco (Ducati-Pramac), has been the leader of this classification.

If the latter fell on the 20th lap when he could claim the podium after leading the start of the race this Sunday, MotoGP is counting on these two promising riders to win in France.

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"It is the result that makes the image of sport"

For the moment, the discipline remains unknown in France.

In Italy, the star Valentino Rossi brought it to the fore.

Spain has for its part world champions in spades, including the daredevil Marc Marquez.

In France, on the other hand, motorcycles are a niche sport.

But its notoriety could grow thanks to the famous Quartararo-Zarco duo, hopes Claude Michy, the promoter of the French Grand Prix which will take place in May.

"We did not have French pilots who carried the victory and it is the result which makes the image of the sport", estimates he at the microphone of Europe 1 to explain the relatively insignificant media coverage of his sport.

"Even someone who doesn't like motorcycles can really have fun watching"

"And in addition, well, motor sport, with all the slightly ecological notions behind it, the media may have a little trouble ... But there, now, they will have to", he smiles.

"I really hope that the general public will start to take more and more interest in motorcycles by watching the Qatar race", hoped Fabio Quartararo at the microphone of Europe 1 before his race in Portugal.

"Honestly, it was a magnificent race with a lot of overtaking," he also said of his previous performance, in Qatar, also won.

"Even someone who doesn't like motorcycles can really have fun watching this."

There is no doubt that with a second victory this Sunday, the speech of the French driver has not changed.