Frölunda was whipped to win to keep the quarter-final series alive.

But it was a lead-heavy loss with 1-6 on home ice.

Rögle won the quarter-final series with 4-0 and the goal difference was a crushing 20-3.

- They show with good examples of how to win hockey matches.

They do what they have to do to win in a playoff, they play smart.

It feels like standing with your hips at your knees, says Frölunda coach Roger Rönnberg to C More.

- You have to have efficiency to win matches and we have totally failed with that.

We will analyze that properly, I am terribly disappointed with our job there, because this is how it has looked for a long time.

We get what we deserve.

Congratulations to them.

We are outclassed in this quarter-final series, it's just to be honest, he says.

"I am ashamed"

Rönnberg understands that both he and Frölunda receive criticism for their efforts.

- There is no excuse that holds in this situation.

I am extremely responsible, so I will have this criticism, we will have this criticism, says Rönnberg.

- It is a bottom button in my career.

I'm ashamed to stand here.