Before the All-Japan Gymnastics Championship, which also serves as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics, starts on the 15th, Kohei Uchimura, who is aiming for the Olympics by focusing on horizontal bars for each event, faces the final adjustment at the tournament venue and releases it with high difficulty. I confirmed the feeling of the technique.

The All-Japan Gymnastics Championships, which will be held in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture from the 15th, will also serve as a representative selection for athletes aiming to participate in each event of the Tokyo Olympics, and official practice was held at the competition venue on the 14th.

Uchimura, who has won the Olympics for the second time in a row, is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics by focusing on horizontal bars for each event due to shoulder pain, etc.

Uchimura practiced with a relaxed expression, such as talking with other players from time to time, and carefully checked each technique and movement with the horizontal bar.

Then, at the end of the practice, he performed a difficult hand-off technique such as "Bret Schneider", which is a big technique of H difficulty and twists twice, showing how good he is.

The selection of athletes aiming for the Tokyo Olympics by event will be decided based on the results of the All Japan Championship, the NHK Trophy in May, and the All Japan Championship in June.